Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Dakota here.
I just want to know if I am the only pup who participated in trick or treat. You know, where they throw the treat in the bedroom to trick you in to staying there so you can't run rampant through the neighborhood getting all that stuff back your humans hand to those little kids.

At least I have been spared the indignity of a costume. I've been reading blogs when I can, and it appears that some have not been as fortunate. My sympathy. As retribution, may I suggest either a good flop on their lap where you leave a pound of husky fur or perhaps a good shake next time you are out playing in the rain?

So, in between papers and what not, The Mom had time to check in with the Danamaniacs group she belongs to. This picture is from Alaskaauthor1. I don't know how she feels about huskies, but I think she's quite passionate about snow.

I think it's time we consulted HULA and discussed a snow machine..........

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Family outrage!!!

Dakota here.
Well, it's not like I don't have enough problems getting to the computer, with The Mom in school and just making a hog of herself when it comes to computer time.
No, she just tried to shoo me off so she can do...........................CAT RESEARCH!!

It seems one of the kids decided to switch to the other side and adopt a cat. A cat. How embarrassing is that? Who knows how many huskies, or how many dogs, need a home, and my kid adopts a cat. I'm beside myself. I already live with one cat, Sadie (also known as Satan), and I just don't know that I can even tolerate another one.

Really, I don't know what The Mom was thinking when she raised these kids. A cat. I just don't know what to say.

On another note - The Mom was all wet eyed this morning. Tomorrow, it will be 7 years since I arrived here. Trust me Mom, there's days where it feels a lot longer than that. Now, I have it pretty good here, but lately............... It's also The Mom's birthday. Those kids usually get me a card to sniff and lick shut, but with the cat on the way, I'm sure it's forgotten about.

Wait until she finds out that I didn't forget about the Shrimp Scampi in the fridge...............

Monday, October 16, 2006

Lessons Learned

Dakota here.......... Finally.

My Husky friends, if your humans ever utter the words 'back to school', you may want to do what you can to dissuade them. What that phrase actually means is:
1. They will no longer have time for you.
2. They will hog the computer.

Now, I can't really complain. I am getting fed on a regular basis, and it's not like I've been kicked off the bed at night. But there's no fun. No extra belly rubs. No extra ball. It's bare bones (no pun intended) in the attention area here. I had to resort to acting like there's something under the shed, then run in to the house when The Mom came out and jump on to the computer. How dignified is that, I ask you? I'm sure she'll be in any minute to reclaim the laptop, undoubtedly muttering something along the lines of 'damn instructor'. The only plus I've heard in all this is apparently when she's done, The Mom will be working in a restaurant. That means leftovers............. yum. She's also surfing the net looking for jobs in places NORTH of these Catoctin Mountains (No snow here yet, but there was frost the other morning.)
For the record, I am totally sick of Colorfest . People at the house all weekend, not sleeping in my own bed, noise, people in and out and not one of them dropped a tasty treat. Not one. The Mom made sure that everyone knew that Bandit could not have anything related to a cow, so everyone assumed that I couldn't either.
You know what they say about assuming, humans.
I think I taught a lesson when I went outside, rolled in the weekend frost and stuck my nose in Nana's housecoat for some yummies.