Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's that time of year again

It's Colorfest time.
Around here, that means that lots of people will be bringing lots of things for me and Bandit to eat and chew.
Nana brought us treats and toys. I got a stuffie bat, and Bandit got a stuffie ghost. Nana loves us. She wasn't mad at me about that, well, that incident with the other pup. I love my Nana. She makes us donuts!

The Mom is better, and we are spending lots of time together. She talked to me about my behavior, and we are going to spend some time visiting with some of our friends and trying to help out the nice people at Harnessed to Hope. Even if we couldn't adopt another Husky (and I'm still not sure why were doing that, I'm Husky enough for anyone!), we can help them find other homes.

I gotta run! The Mom is cleaning the kitchen and I heard something about leftover crabcakes!!!