Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Husky Home Decor

Apparently, somepuppy got 'muddy paw prints' on the usual ugly green thing on the bed. Now, nopuppy in particular was blamed for said infraction - it's not like CSI came in or anything like that, and hey, it could have been the cat. I'm just sayin'.

So, while The Mom's back was turned, I thought I'd redecorate. What do you think?

Unfinished business - part deux

So, I've done some surfing. In the spirit of 'funky', I nominate the following blogs for the 'Funky Blog' award!

A Siberian View of the 'verse - we love the funky new redesign! Aren't Lee Lee, Thor, Smokey and Bandit cute?

Beware the Bamonster - we love the funky 'Husky Dog' song! Have fun with Chili, Cracker, Mikki and Bama

Got Chocolate? - Frankie and Maddie, those funky girls from SoCal!

You guys are all funky! And you make me smile! Enjoy! And don't forget to spread the smiles..........

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Unfinished business

In our haste this week, we almost missed a comment left by our friends, Essex and Deacon, the Key West Collies. They think we are funky!

We think the collies are funky too! I've got a few blogs in mind that I want to tag with this award, and I'll be visiting them soon!

Read of the Week!

It's been a very busy week here. The Mom has been doing school work and doing something called 'working from home'. I can't say that I much care for either of these activities - the school books are, well, B-O-R-I-N-G and that stuff from work? Eeewwwww. The only really good thing there was I got to lay all over her papers........tee hee hee.

This type of a week has us thinking of 'short' reads. You know, reads that don't take that long or don't interfere with walkies or dinner or other important and necessary things. For us, that means.......... blogs!

We LOVE blogs. We love learning about other places and keeping up with our cyber (and our siber) friends. In our 'Favorites', there's a long, long list of blogs we stop by to catch up. Some of them, we only visit every now and then. We read, and sometimes say 'Hi'. But, some of them, we check every time we log on to make sure that everything is ok and to share the latest with them. Today's Read of the Week is one of those blogs, one that we check all the time (perhaps it's time to have Google Reader installed?), and one that I know is a favorite in the blogging community.

If you haven't met Tucker, Dot, Samantha and Bear or their human assistant Maryann - you are missing out on one of the best blogs on the web and one of our favorites. Our Read of the Week this week is...........

Tucker, Dot, Samantha and (the handsome) Bear - The Brat Pack!

Head on over and be prepared to smile, laugh, cry and be totally enthralled! Oh, and did I mention great pictures? They need to send their photographer over here!

I'm going to go have a long talk with The Mom about the widget thing...... honestly, she's no further now than she was a few weeks ago........ and after that........

We're going to curl up with a good (not a crappy school) book!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Read of the Week!

This week's Read of the Week is a work of fiction by one of our favorite authors.

We are huge mystery fans, and when we find a book or a series that features dogs, we get very excited. But when we found this series, one that features a musher and sled dogs, well, we were totally enthralled!

We're tickled with the choice this week - we're enjoying the 25th running of the Yukon Quest . One thousand miles between Fairbanks, Alaska and Whitehorse in Canada's Yukon Territory. (Have you seen the Yukon Territory flag? Check it out if you are a Husky lover!) So, we thought what better time to feature one of our favorite books from author Sue Henry........... This week's Read of the Week is:


For you young pups, the title might be very scary. If so, remember to make sure your humans or your parents approve of you reading this book The story follows heroine Jessie Arnold and her team of dogs as they face danger while they run the Quest. A young musher is kidnapped and Jessie does what she does best to help try to solve the crime and return the young musher safely. Will she be successful? Well, we're not going to spoil the ending!

Here's one of our favorite parts of the book, which helps us to picture Jessie's run in to Dawson City, hot on the trail of the kidnappers!:

"The area they crossed seemed an unending series of mines, hills, mountains, valleys, and creeks - of going up one ridge only to come down the other side and start up again, ceaselessly, for hours."

Doesn't that just take you there!! Tank in the lead!!!! Oh, I just love Tank!!!

I hope you enjoy this book and the rest of the Jessie Arnold books from Ms. Henry.

We're going to go curl up with a good book!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Snow pictures

A very busy week for us, but we did take some time to play in the snow.........

Sunday, February 10, 2008


As discussed yesterday, The Mom and I love to read. We read lots of stuff! Here's a picture of a very small part of the wall of books in my (yup, that's MY) room:

We read text books:

And we read blogs. Lots and lots of blogs. And that got me thinking. We like to read so much, and I guess that you all like to read too (you're here, aren't you?), that we probably like to read many of the same things and that we should be somehow sharing those things with you. So, without further delay, I am announcing today................. my


Starting today, I'm going to share what we're reading with you. I'm going to select blogs, books, magazines, something that we're reading and think you would enjoy. Here's the rules that I'm going to use to select my Read of the Week award:

  • My Read of the Week will be dog related.
  • It may be a blog, or a book, or a magazine article or a web article. Really, anything that we read is fair game.
  • I'll try to keep it 'G' rated, but every now and then it might be 'PG' related. Reader beware!

So, I thought a lot about my very first Read of the Week Award. I wanted to feature something very special to me, something that really got me started with reading blogs and encouraging me to start my own blog. The Mom and I were surfing the 'net one afternoon about two years ago, and we did a random search on 'Siberian Husky'. We got a lot of the usual stuff, you know, breed standard, famous Huskies and so on. We also got a link to the VERY FIRST blog that we read. And we were hooked ! That first blog belongs to a Siberian Husky who lives with five other canines and one human. We've enjoyed reading all sorts of cool stuff about logos, and the 'stupid' Dyson, and now we're enjoying reading about his candidacy for President of Dogcountry!

To thank him for showing me this wonderful world of blogging and in honor of his stupendous wins last week on 'Super Tubesday' and his expected win of the Pawmary Election being held this week in my own state of Maryland, my first Read of the Week award goes to:

Tubey and his blog - World of Turbo

I'm going right over to his blog to tell him, while The Mom tries to think of some cool widget thing we can use to award our deserving winners. Then, we're going to curl up with a good book!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

We stopped by Ari's blog, and found out that we'd been tagged to reveal seven quirky and unusual things about us. I sort of thought that I'd invite Bandit and maybe The Mom to give some input on this one, so:

1. Bandit looks much like the breed standard for a Labrador Retreiver, but is not a pure bred. His mother is an AKC registered Yellow Lab. His father.......... well, they aren't sure.

2. One of my favorite things is to sit or lay next to The Mom while she is reading something. She will read out loud to me if it's something we both enjoy. I'll be posting more on this tomorrow...... something new that I'm going to do.

3. The Mom is a college student. Probably the oldest one on the campus too.........

4. Bandit is afraid of water!!!!

5. I like to lay on top of the chest that The Mom's The Dad made and watch everything that goes on out in front of my house.

6. I have two human siblings. Two older sisters, who were here when I got here. One of them is a teacher, the other one is a social worker. I am constantly amazed that The Mom raised two really good kids................. and then there's me!!

7. I have a very unHusky like past time that I dearly love..................... I will fetch a ball, stick, frisbee and return it. I am so enamoured of the idea of 'playing ball', that The Mom has considered this as something that we could do for fun and exercise.

OK, so now I'm supposed to tag seven friends. Well, picking seven of you is too difficult to do! I want everyone to reveal something new! So we're tagging all of our readers. If you decide to play, and we hope you do, just follow these simple rules:
1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Post 7 random or weird facts about yourself on your blog.
4. Tag 7 people and link to them.
5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

OK - lets play. Tag, YOU are it!!