Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Howlidays!

Dakota here, after making sure that everyone was tucked in to bed.
It's been a long time since I've been able to blog, what with The Mom and the school thing and all of the time she spends at that work place. I've advised her to stop both of those horrid things and spend more time with me. It seems that it's the best idea all the way around. I get to blog more because she's on the computer less and I get to see her more because she's home.

So, what did everydog get for Christmas? I got a new squeeky moose, a very sharp bandana from the nice people at the humane society and one of those delectable filled bones to chew on. Did I mention that the people here had crab imperial? And that I got a perfectly yummy cracker full of crab imperial? I do love my seafood. The Mom got some thing that makes those Jimmy Buffet tunes that she likes come out. It's real small, but it sure is cool looking. She has it where I can't reach it. I told her not to worry about me, it's Bandit that chews everything.

I must admit, I am a bit sleep tonight. Waiting up for Santa is tiring, and I fell asleep before I saw him. Sigh. I would have liked another of those chew bones.

To all of my blog friends........... Happy Howlidays! May your snow be deep, your food be warm and may you have a family you can curl up with after a hard days play.


Thursday, December 07, 2006


Dakota here.............. it's snowing and blowing in my little corner of the Catoctin Mountains. What a beautiful sight, it's snowing tonight!!

I'm hoping for a winter wonderland in my yard!!!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Score one for this proud HULA member!!!

While everyone was distracted by the persistent banging on the gateway to freedom, I managed to snatch the better part of a delectable roast beef sandwich!!!
I don't know if you are all familiar with Roy Rogers or not, but I highly recommend the roast beef!!
I also managed to get a few pets from the lady that was at the door. I promise that I only belched a little bit, and I did not belch in her face as The Mom said!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Back to normal

A long week here. I'm happy to have booted The Mom off the laptop to blog for a few minutes. You would not believe how much time she spends in front of this darn thing for 'school'. Well, she needs to spend more time with me, let me just say. The darn woman wouldn't even play ball with me yesterday, she spouted some stuff about how 'wet' it was out in the yard. A little mud bath wouldn't hurt her nasty dry old people fur, that's for sure.

Lots of guests on the TURKEY day. There was leftovers..... yummy turkey parts that Nana made just for me and Bandit. We've enjoyed a little nibble every dinner since then - The Mom could be a bit more generous in the turkey department. Bandit even managed to snatch something called pumpkin pie. He did mention it was mighty tasty - the old guy didn't share though. The kids were here, and I am happy to say a good time was had by all.

Particularly us, as we also managed to sneak off with a good bit of cheese before anyone noticed. I'm sure Bandit will be all eweey and yucky soon (he's allergic to cow, which means that if he eats anything cow related he gets bad fur), but that didn't stop him from helping me with the big sneak.

As I recall, after TURKEY day, they put the fake tree up and start putting a bunch of stuff in the house that we're not supposed to sniff. I ask, if I can't sniff it, how am I to approve it?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Weather report

Exciting news from the Catoctin Mountains.............. I heard it is supposed to snow tonight! The Mom says maybe just flurries, but that's enough to get me excited. I am happy enough to chase snow flakes and have some fun in my yard.

The Mom came home with lots of bags today. It's that time of the year when she starts buying lots of stuff - including stuff for me - and they get together and give things to each other - and to me. Today, she came home with two of those things that they hang on the fake tree.

I personally think she's taking this husky thing a bit too far. Really, why does she have all these fake husky things when she has me. She didn't say a whole lot when she found out about the bids I put in on eBay. I suspect that's because I bid, but didn't win! Oh well.

I'm going to go stare out the window and wait for the snow!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

One wet husky

Today has been particularly fun. I started my day by nagging The Mom way before the light came in the windows. I knew that darn opossum was outside, and I did my best to see if opossum is anywhere as tasty as oatmeal.
But I didn't get him. He made it in to a tree before I could grab him. Sigh.
Then I refused to come in, even though it was raining and nasty outside. I'm not coming in for just any old reason.
I topped of my day by trying to get one of Bandit's favorite toys from him.......... running in front of The Mom while she was bringing in those bags of yummy food from the store place. I had the briefest scent of some yummy beef roast (which, you may recall, is a special treat around here).
The weekend is shaping up nicely. I heard talk that they are going to an 'Oyster Feed'. Now, for those who don't know, oysters are these little nuggets of ocean goodness. I'll be seeing who brings some home for me!
If you have not already done so, find your human's money card and do a little shopping on eBay . Those really great humans at Harnessed To Hope are selling lots of nice husky things to help support our northern brothers and sisters who aren't as fortunate as us. I know The Mom won't mind if I am spending her money on such a worthy cause.
And if she's going to drink that nasty stuff in the morning (even I won't go near that stuff in the mug), she can at least drink it out of a fabulous husky mug!!
Bid early folks, and bid often.
But not on that mug.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Saturday Night Fever

Well, not really.
It's been a difficult week here. First, that darn beta fish died. Mickey had been around for about four years, getting coos and tank pets and stuff. I had to attend the burial at sea.... The Mom was crying, so I had to dry her face off and remind her that there's still those in need of love here.
Then, I heard today, that I am now officially an AUNT. Yup, the kid went ahead and adopted a ...... kitten. Apparently it's a young (tasty?) version of a cat. She gave it some sort of a goofy name too - it's Wilma of Wilma and Betty. I think Wilma is coming over for that day soon where there's lots of food and they all act like absolutely none of it can be fed to us. I'll scope her out then and let everyone know if she is, um, tasty.
The other kid is home for a few days. What that really means is that there's three or four people sneaking me good stuff today. Tonight's special treat..... chicken, gravy, a little corn, some mashed potatoes and some cheese. I see where they snuck in some of that dry stuff that usually ends up in our bowls. Hey, even that stuff isn't bad when you put gravy on it.
Is there anything tastier than gravy?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday musings

The Mom is at work, so I decided to sneak in and blog a bit. I've been more or less locked out of the office - some stuff about homework laying all over the place. Looks more like The Mom is either too lazy to file and do things properly, or she's spending a lot of time on . I suspect it is the latter.

I did notice a digital camera for human idiots type book though. Perhaps she'll finally get the digital hooked up so I can post some of my pictures. That would be cool. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only Husky blogger who doesn't post pictures............... I feel so left out.

The weather is awful warm here. The leaves are on the ground, and it's HOT. This is not right.


Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Dakota here.
I just want to know if I am the only pup who participated in trick or treat. You know, where they throw the treat in the bedroom to trick you in to staying there so you can't run rampant through the neighborhood getting all that stuff back your humans hand to those little kids.

At least I have been spared the indignity of a costume. I've been reading blogs when I can, and it appears that some have not been as fortunate. My sympathy. As retribution, may I suggest either a good flop on their lap where you leave a pound of husky fur or perhaps a good shake next time you are out playing in the rain?

So, in between papers and what not, The Mom had time to check in with the Danamaniacs group she belongs to. This picture is from Alaskaauthor1. I don't know how she feels about huskies, but I think she's quite passionate about snow.

I think it's time we consulted HULA and discussed a snow machine..........

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Family outrage!!!

Dakota here.
Well, it's not like I don't have enough problems getting to the computer, with The Mom in school and just making a hog of herself when it comes to computer time.
No, she just tried to shoo me off so she can do...........................CAT RESEARCH!!

It seems one of the kids decided to switch to the other side and adopt a cat. A cat. How embarrassing is that? Who knows how many huskies, or how many dogs, need a home, and my kid adopts a cat. I'm beside myself. I already live with one cat, Sadie (also known as Satan), and I just don't know that I can even tolerate another one.

Really, I don't know what The Mom was thinking when she raised these kids. A cat. I just don't know what to say.

On another note - The Mom was all wet eyed this morning. Tomorrow, it will be 7 years since I arrived here. Trust me Mom, there's days where it feels a lot longer than that. Now, I have it pretty good here, but lately............... It's also The Mom's birthday. Those kids usually get me a card to sniff and lick shut, but with the cat on the way, I'm sure it's forgotten about.

Wait until she finds out that I didn't forget about the Shrimp Scampi in the fridge...............

Monday, October 16, 2006

Lessons Learned

Dakota here.......... Finally.

My Husky friends, if your humans ever utter the words 'back to school', you may want to do what you can to dissuade them. What that phrase actually means is:
1. They will no longer have time for you.
2. They will hog the computer.

Now, I can't really complain. I am getting fed on a regular basis, and it's not like I've been kicked off the bed at night. But there's no fun. No extra belly rubs. No extra ball. It's bare bones (no pun intended) in the attention area here. I had to resort to acting like there's something under the shed, then run in to the house when The Mom came out and jump on to the computer. How dignified is that, I ask you? I'm sure she'll be in any minute to reclaim the laptop, undoubtedly muttering something along the lines of 'damn instructor'. The only plus I've heard in all this is apparently when she's done, The Mom will be working in a restaurant. That means leftovers............. yum. She's also surfing the net looking for jobs in places NORTH of these Catoctin Mountains (No snow here yet, but there was frost the other morning.)
For the record, I am totally sick of Colorfest . People at the house all weekend, not sleeping in my own bed, noise, people in and out and not one of them dropped a tasty treat. Not one. The Mom made sure that everyone knew that Bandit could not have anything related to a cow, so everyone assumed that I couldn't either.
You know what they say about assuming, humans.
I think I taught a lesson when I went outside, rolled in the weekend frost and stuck my nose in Nana's housecoat for some yummies.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

"And now, back to you, Biff...."

Dakota here, with a weather report from the Catoctin Mountain area...........

The thermometer on the deck reads 42 degrees. Not that I can read this confounded thing, I overheard The Mom muttering something about cold feet this morning and she checked it out.
42 degrees. It's comfortable, it's breezy and I'm planning on spending my day outside. How far away can snow be? It's a great day to be a Husky!

(It would be a better day if The Mom shared her bagel with peanut butter on it. Not that I'm complaining, but...)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Doggie friend tag!!!

The Army of Four tagged me! I'm supposed to list five things that make a great doggie friend. Hmmmm...........

1. A good doggie friend shares. Not just their old chew bones either. Bandit and I have two big toy baskets, and we share everything. When Chip was here, we shared with him too.

2. A good doggie friend keeps their Mom/Dad/family safe. Bandit does better than I do with this - he's a barker, let me tell you - and if anyone comes close to our house or our yard, he lets The Mom know.

3. A good doggie friend knows when it's time to take a nap. Sometimes, it's all you can do. You have to lay down and be quiet and let everyone else sleep. (This one's real important on those mornings where The Mom doesn't hit that talking box thing three or four times before she gets her lazy butt up.)

4. A good doggie friend helps you dig a hole! If you think digging alone is fun, try digging with a friend.

5. A good doggie friend tags his or her other doggie friends to let them know that we're having fun and they need to join us! So, I'm tagging...........
Poesidon Koda and Ronak

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday night

Another Saturday night, and The Mom is sitting here doing absolutely nothing. Really, do these people have a life outside of that place they call 'work'? I don't think so.
They could be doing all sorts of fun things - and taking me along. A car ride. A shopping trip. A park visit. But what did they do? They trimmed the bush out front! They did not use the bush dog................. which seems to be a perfectly sensible product that you put down before you trim bushes. No, they did it the old fashioned way, then complained and limped when they had to rake and pick up everything and put the bags by the side of the house.
Do you think I should tell them that the garbage guys don't pick up stuff like that anymore? Nah. That will teach them to stop doing boring things.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

On being seven

Dakota here.
Now that I have turned seven, I feel so much more mature and forgiving.


Ha! Before bed last night, The Mom came over with a bowl full of cake and ice cream. Yum. Bandit and I played with the new squeaky toy, and I showed off my new collar to the neighborhood huskies walking on the perimeter of my yard. They were jealous.

I must admit to being a bit tired last night. We turned in after watching Kayne get aufed from Project Runway. Sigh. Now I won't be able to chew on some crazy, fru-fru pagent dress designed for The Mom.

Not that she would wear anything all sparkly and flowing anyway.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Just one more nap.....

Dakota here.......finally.
Yup, one more long sleep tonight, and tomorrow will be my birthday! I've been waiting for a long time. I'm not supposed to know, but I saw The Mom put a bag in the closet - it's got a fish squeaky toy and a new collar in it. I also sniffed out a birthday cake. Smells like banana to me. But, I'm getting off track here.

So, I haven't posted for a while. That's because The Mom packed up that ugly box on wheels and left me! Yup, she was gone. I watched her pull out. We slept without her two times, and then she came back. Not that we slept alone. When The Mom packs up that box on wheels, it means that my sister is coming! It's the older kid, the one that always shares her food and spends all the time on the computer when she's here. I tried to tell her that I needed to get on and update my husky friends, but she was having none of it. Something about planning for the week and tests for her kids. Now, I don't want to give anything away here, but if she has kids, The Mom doesn't know about it. She doesn't even have a dog where she lives. I'm not sure what she's talking about, but I do know that she comes here sometimes and smells like LOTS of different people. I also know that The Mom spends money on books about cold places for her to take to her 'classroom'. I also know, because she told me, that this place she goes to with these other people has something to do with huskies. And that I can't go and play with her kids.
At any rate, I am usually very irritated when The Mom goes away. Mostly because she doesn't take me! This time, she went to a place called Canada. She told me all about a big waterfall, and lots of cool weather!!! It sounds like a place I'd like to go. I was going to chew on the stuffed husky she brought back, then she opened another package and gave me the most delectable treat that a husky can imagine....... salmon jerky. I can't begin to tell you all how wonderful salmon jerky is. I'm hoping that she bought another package of it for me as a special birthday gift................

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Catching up

Dakota here.
It's wet and soggy in my area of the husky world. We're not doing a whole lot on this end, well, Bandit and I aren't doing a whole lot.
The Mom is another story.
She's going to 'school'. Which is apparently the same as hogging the computer and using all those words she really shouldn't expose my delicate ears to. I suspect that she'll peter out, but who knows, maybe she'll surprise me.
Speaking of surprises, my birthday is in a few days. I wonder if anyone will remember this year. Last year, The Mom remembered about two seconds before I nodded off for the night. The kids didn't remember at all. No tasty yummies, no cake. I plan on taking cue from Meeshka and clawing until they beg for mercy.
Or offer me birthday cake.

The Crocodile Hunter was killed a day or so ago. (No, I didn't have his name in the pool.) Some goofy fishy thing stung him. A sad day when a true animal and outdoor lover passes on.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday, Monday

Dakota here.
I can tell you that there's absolutely no snow in the Catoctin Mountains. It's still hot here, and my winter coat is coming in. Really, I think Mother Nature must have a very sick sense of humor.
So, I heard from Patch and Kirby today. They are my friends who live in Mississippi. They spent an entire week at the Doggie Spa - which I understand is probably not exactly what their mom told them it was - while their people were in a place called Myrtle Beach. Having not been to either of these places, I can't provide an opinion - but I'm sure it's hot there too. Any way - Kirby has those dreaded worms from fleas. I think she's having some sensitive tummy issues, but other than that she's OK. Help me think good thoughts for Kirby. She's not a member of HULA - we really should have a HULA auxiliary or something for dogs who don't have the good fortune of being born Huskies - but I think she would appreciate the good thoughts.
I did hear that the good part of not being at home was there was no sign of the noisy thing her mom pushes around every day.
There's lots of talk around here about the first day of school. Both of the kids had their first day today, and The Mom has her first day later this week. All I know is that I can't go and when they go, they have their snoots in books all the time. Which leaves very little time for me.
Since it's supposed to be good 'in the long run', I guess I can be patient. I'm all for a long run.
And while these people are at school, I'm hoping they learn how to post pictures. What is the sense of keeping them in that little box?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Not much going on

Dakota here.
Not much going on here. The kid is home, and the house looks like they hid an entire box of yummies somewhere, and Bandit and I couldn't find them. Really, I don't know what these people are thinking. I can't even get to the toy basket in my room. That kid has stuff everywhere.

Have I mentioned the new loud thing that chases us and sucks up my valuable fur? This one stops every few moments, and I hear The Mom using 'those' words while she empties my fur and some dirt. It's difficult work leaving all that beautiful white fluff laying around, but, since I can't get to the toys, I have nothing better to do.

I did overhear The Mom discussing my groundhog with someone. I am sad to say that as we speak, the groundhog is riding on a big truck somewhere to some big pile of delectable garbage. Sigh. Meeshka was right, it's gone with the mole.

I'm going to go see if I can drop some more fluff. The Mom just put away the loud thing.

Monday, August 14, 2006

I've been tagged!! Twice!

Dakota here

Well, had the Mom been home this weekend, I'd have found out about this earlier. Instead she was gone - and she'd closed the door to her laptop. (I need to follow up on my laptop when I'm done this.) Thanks Turbo and Dusty! (And I was a yes for the opposable thumbs poll!!!)

So, here it is.
When you play this game, you get tagged. Then you write in your blog five weird or crazy things about yourself. You also get to tag five other dog blog friends so they have to tell five things about themselves. You need to list the five dog blog friends in your blog, and you need to leave them something in their comments to let them know that it's tag, you're it! time.
Here's my five funky things:

1. When I first came to live with The Mom, there was another dog living with them. His name was Lindsey's Sherlock Holmes. He was a very large Chocolate Lab, and a very good big brother. He taught me all about The Mom, and the two kids in the house. He's across the Rainbow Bridge now and I miss him.

2. I live with a CAT! Sadie the cat came to live with us when Bandit and Momma B did. We don't really get along that well, but I don't bite her as much as I used to. She has a very good left claw jab. (Ouch!) There's also a cockatiel and a beta fish at my house. (The Mom likes to tease my by having those tasty treats right in the house!!!)

3. I don't eat my treats right away - I like to hide my biscuits and come back for them at my leisure.

4. My very favorite food is anything with fish in it. I am particularly fond of fish sticks, which make a more than acceptable alternative to biscuits in my book!

5. I am usually called either 'KB' or 'Koda Bear'. The kids that were living here when I got here wanted to name me 'Bear', but the Mom decided on 'Dakota Moon Twenty'. Go figure.

I tagged Floss , The Rascals , Bosco , Dusty Dog (check out that yummy recipe) and Bond.

Tag, you're it!!!!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sad news

This is the Sibe's Mom today.......

I just read that Susan Butcher passed away yesterday. Four time Iditarod champion and from all accounts, a great dog lover.

While I'm certain that Dakota is of the opinion that I should be pulling the sled and she should be mushing, I know she respects a great dog lover.

A sad day for those of us who are fans of the last great race.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

What the @%*&?

Dakota here -
Look what I just found on The Mom's laptop (my new one hasn't arrived yet). I'm sure this is from one of those foolish emails that makes you send it to the 57 friends in your address book or have 34 years of bad luck.
She has a Husky. She should know better!


Dakota here...........
The Mom is in the shower, so I'm surfing eBay with her credit card!!! It's true, you can buy almost anything on eBay, and I hope she doesn't get too excited when my new huskified laptop and a gross of chew bones arrive at the door.

I ran across this. Does anyone know what on earth a 'camel' is, and why would you be selling it with your sled dog?

Why would you be selling a sled dog anyway? We're supposed to own you!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

(Ground) Hog's Breath

Dakota here...........
I finally rooted out the critter living under our shed. I know Mom was sure it was a rabbit, but it was a groundhog! (Note that the picture is only a representation of the groundhog that I got from the internet, because my Mom is too lazy to hook up the Kodak software.)

While the details of the capture are fuzzy, I can tell you that I was interrupted during my through inspection......... well, I was lied to and told that I would be going bye-bye in the car. I dropped the groundhog, fully expecting to finish my inspection after an enjoyable ride in the car, but it disappeared during a brief incarceration I suffered at the hands of Momma B. I don't think that the groundhog got up and walked away, but I will continue to search.

More later.

One quick note - this groundhog did not squeak. My stuffed groundhog squeaked.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Lazy days and sun-days

Dakota here, reporting that at 9AM this morning, it was too hot to go outside. I've done what I needed to do, and I'm getting ready to lay on the vent in the cool, dark back room. Really, who's idea was all this heat anyway?

I'm not 100% sure, but I thought that I heard that one of the kids was coming over to visit me today. I guess that means that I'll have to rouse myself for a few moments, and act like I'm thrilled to see the kid while I check to see if she brought me anything.

Then it's back to sleep for me.

Does anyone know when the first snowfall of the year is scheduled to take place? A few years ago, Mom and Momma Bev took a trip (WITHOUT US) to a place called Deep Creek Lake in October. They took pictures of snow, it apparently snowed for a few hours there. October is a long, long way away at this point.


I'm outta here to dream of snow.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Goodbye, Mr. Chips!

Dakota - finally with some time to blog.
Chip went back home with his parents. While I enjoyed having my younger cousin, and teaching him the Husky way, I was somewhat releived to see him go. He's very vocal for all the wrong reasons, and he has not learned where to go potty. I don't really need Mom yelling every day because someone went poootttttttttyyyyyyyy in the house.
I still have not been able to push Mom in to hooking the digital camera up to my computer. The woman can be positively irritating at times. Something about lots of stuff to do. What could be more important than sharing my musings with the world?

If you have not done so, go to Meeshka's blog and sponsor my fine Husky girlfriend in the Blogathon. You'll be helping Huskykind, as well as other Northern friends. Hey, we may need them in the revolution, you never know. I snitched some money from Mom's tight little wallet - you can snitch some too. And while you are at it, check out the Harnessed to Hope site.

Assuming that our summer fun is about over - no more visiting family or baths or other such stuff, I should be able to get on to blog more often.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Chip the Cocker Spaniel

Dakota reporting from the front line........
Chip has been here a bit over a week now. He seems OK for a small guy. We spend a lot of time trying to teach him that I am the boss, that all toys are mine and that I am first for doggie love, puppy biscuits and time on Mom's lap. He is not a quick learner.
Bandit has confided in me that he does not like Chip - I think it's because Chip has a crush on me and Bandit thinks he is my number one man.
Little do they both know that I am an independent lady! No men for me, I'm foot loose and fancy free.

As soon as Mom gets off her butt and fixes the digital hook up, I'll post a picture of Chip. He has scoped out a favorite spot in the house - on top of the blanket chest in front of the windows. Since that's not my number one spot, I guess I can be gracious and let him stay there while he's visiting. I think his mom and dad are due back soon though.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Outdoor activities

Dakota here, posting from the deck, as I am currently not allowed inside. I understand all great writers, Hemmingway, Stein, some dude called Gardner, all wrote using the great outdoors as their muse. Me, I'm just out by default. According to Mom, who was yelling very loudly a few weeks ago about all of this, the new carpet is being installed again.
Same two guys we sniffed out last time. New carpet though.
At any rate, the new carpet is just in time for us to welcome my cousin Chip for a few weeks.
Chip is a Cocker Spaniel, and he will be staying with us while his family goes somewhere. I'm not sure why Chip has to stay here, and I hope it does not take him long to realize that this is a Husky house and I am top dog.
I'll post a picture for my Husky friends to see as soon as I can. Right now, it's back to lounging on the deck - Mom put out the big shade thing and lots of water for us - until we can get in for the final carpet approval.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Catching up

I see Dakota has been entertaining our loyal fans while I've been busy. Note to self - cruising the counters? I don't think so, young lady.

So, I'm at work. Because I have to be, that's why. And I get to come in on the fourth too. It happens, and I guess I am just going to have to deal with it. But, corporateamerica gets old. Very old.

Not much to discuss today. Dakota has been keeping you pretty well informed.

And there's a mess here.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Siberian's are not water dogs

Dakota here............
To take my cue from Tubey - rain is STUPID!
It's been raining here for several days. Mom won't let us play outside for long, we can't play ball in the house, and I'm tired of laying and watching the birds just take over the yard. I brought all of this to Mom's attention, and I was told to mind myself!! Of all the nerve!
Bandit is not happy. The vet told him that he could have no more cheese, no more ice cream and no more anything to do with a cow! I don't know if this means Mom has to remove all of the cow stuff from the kitchen or not. I plan on taking that up with her tonight.
Speaking of the vet - I got very excited when Mom told me we were going bye-bye in the car last night...... until I figured out that I was going to the vet for a booster shot. Now, I love a good car ride as much as any Husky, but this going to the vet's has got to stop. I did manage to register my displeasure by stepping in some good mud and getting in to the car. Then I woke Mom up at 1 o'clock this morning to do a nightly check on the birds and made sure I got good and wet before I got back up on the bed to sleep.
So now I'm practicing at the computer, and trying very hard to check out who has signed up for the Iditerod next year.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My pack

Dakota here. A good night, mostly. Both my kids were home tonight, which makes Mom pretty happy. The older kid just came to visit me and to share her dinner with me. The other kid is here too - she came home to visit me and to share some time with me tonight.
The other kid has been sitting around a lot, with ice and water on her leg. I keep hearing something about pills and a spider bite. I tried to tell Mom that she's OK - I inspected and tasted both legs and they seem to be fine, but Mom isn't listening. She's making the kid sit and do nothing but watch TV. The kid could at least be playing with me.
Mom even came home early to be with me.
She's a good Mom. More so when she had both cheese and chicken for dinner. My belly is full, what with tasting for the older kid, tasting for the other kid, tasting for Momma Bev and making sure Mom shared her's too. She shares almost everything with me - except those round colored candies she's fond of.
So I did some online research on spider bites - the experts concur with me, the other kid will be fine. I hope Mom goes night-night soon - all of this visiting and stuff has tired me out.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Sibe way or the highway

Mom has left for work, so I thought I'd sneak on and say hi to everyone.
It's been very hot here, way too hot for a Husky, so we've been laying around a lot. Last night, we played outside, but only for a few minutes. There has been no time to track the rabbit, the birds aren't in the yard and Mom hasn't even opened up the house in the back yard and pulled that loud thing out that she takes all over the yard.
I don't like summer. I don't like the heat and I am tired of being cooped up inside. Even with the cold air from the floor, I'm hot.
And Mom keeps using the b-a-t-h word.
I think it's time to make sure I get her attention and woo her out about that b-a-t-h thing. That involves the hose and her telling me how nice I smell. Rabbits don't smell like flowers, why should I?

PS - Bandit needs to smell like flowers too Mom.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Happy Meal!

Dakota again -
To make yesterday truly wonderful, Mom came home with a Happy Meal at lunch time! For those who don't know about Happy Meals, they are these box things that come from a place Mom calls 'McDonald's'. They are full of FRIES! Mom always shares her fries with us, so these are big favorites with this Husky.
There's also something in it Mom calls a toy. Yesterday's toy was this little thing that scooted across the kitchen floor and followed me and Bandit. I put a stop to it by slapping a paw on it when it came near me. It didn't come near me again. I'll be checking the kitchen out while Mom is at work today, making sure it does not come back.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Peace and quiet

Dakota here. After many weeks of furniture moving, painting, boxes going, boxes coming (you can't imagine all the time we had to put in checking things out), it looks like Mom has settled down and we finally had a normal evening. We played outside, we pestered Mom while she was trying to read her book and drink a beer. Then we moved inside to have dinner and play for a while.
I even left the cat be for the evening, I was so happy to be back to normal.
Mom is off to work today, and Bandit and I are going to nap. Then maybe woo at the rabbit living under the shed.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Long time, no blog

We found the computer again.
After weeks of redecorating, getting 2/3 of the carpet laid (don't ask), painting the kitchen - almost complete and a ton of other chores and stuff, we found the computer again. Dakota is laying beside me, almost asleep. She's recovering from last night's visit to the v-e-t-s for her annual visit to the spa. A couple of boosters later, and she's ready for anything.
I wish I was.
The vet hit me last night with the announcement that Dakota is now considered a 'senior dog'. Now, she's not quite 7. And I had heard that 7 was the year where dogs became 'seniors'. But I had not heard that 'senior dogs' should have blood work done every six months to check on thyroid and liver functions. I'm a bit skeptical about that. Just like I was a bit skeptical a while back where the temp vet (who was filling in for my usual vet while she was on maternity leave) told me that Bandit's yeast infected ears would be cured if I had his anal glands removed.
You ask me, this guy was way too interested in Bandit's a$$.
But, as I am not a vet and just the Sibe's mom, I'm going to research all of the above and make an educated decision.
After all, she's the only Sibe I have.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Grand and glorious sniffing at the house today, we had new carpet installed. Both Dakota and Bandit were fairly well behaved, considering they had to spend several hours watching the installer through the sliding glass door rather than helping the installer.
I'm sure the installer was thankful.
The house is a mess, the kid is home from college for a few short days and I think there's company coming.
But it's awful nice to be on vacation.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sneaking out

As Dakota alluded to below, corporateamerica has kept me more than busy the past several days.
But, and I'm not sure Dakota knows this, I'm on vacation from corporateamerica starting Friday and lasting 11 glorious days. I can't wait.
No huge plans, other than getting out the paint and making the kitchen something significantly more livable.
Or making my Husky a new brownish shade. You know how they like to help.
Oh, and did I mention the new carpet? (What was I thinking?)

Here's one we call 'Best Friends'.

So, it's back to the grindstone here shortly. But, before I go........ we have been honored to find out that we were Turbo's 1,500th visitor. I see something about an offer to help shred cardboard.......hmmmmmmmmm....................not on the new carpet, I hope.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Sibe on the beach?

I see Dakota is monitoring the blog while I'm in corporateamerica. Interesting thoughts she has.

One of my small entertainments at work is admiring the Siberian Husky calendar that I have hanging there. For the month of May, the featured Sibe is trotting along the shore. I've spoke to Dakota often about the beach, and we have begun to discuss a trip to the beach. I'm thinking that she's been very well behaved the past several times she has gone bye-bye in the car and it may be time to work up to a longer trip.

So the beach is my natural choice. I may start with a trip to the lake at Catoctin Mountain State Park - if I can sneak her in before all the campers get there. Much of the state and federal parks in this end of the world don't much care for dogs. Too bad. Having been to the lake in the peak season, I can honestly say my Sibe is better behaved then most of the guests they have.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Dakota here..............
Mom is at work, which is apparently a place where I am not allowed. Hhhmmmppphhhh! If they knew what was good for them, there would be Huskies and other dogs at this place. But, I am getting off track.

I have confirmed that there are at least three new Huskies in my neighborhood. I have not met them yet, but there seems to be a pack of two who walk together a lot - one gray and white, one brown and white. And a brown and white one who lives alone. The one that lives with the grey Husky is a very dark brown.

More as soon as I have it. Huskies are moving in to the Catoctin Mountains! Is this the place where we plot to take over dogdom?


Monday, May 01, 2006

Dakota the green pawed Husky

Dakota is being a bit camera shy tonight, and it's a shame. I mowed again tonight, and Dakota spent much time rolling and walking through the freshly cut grass. Which has an interesting affect on my previously gray and white dog. She's gray and green and white at the moment.
But, all is well. Besides, I think it's a preemptive strike - she heard me mention the b-a-t-h word earlier this evening.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

The treat that I can't have....

Dakota posting tonight. Mom spent her day shopping, and coming home with about the most useless thing ever.
White Chocolate M & M's.
Now, Mom knows better. I don't know why we even have chocolate in the house, because I can't have any of it. None. I don't even get to get a good sniff in on the bags.
But they keep bringing it home.
Even worse, she brought home the box the chocolate is sent to the store in. Cardboard. And she put it up where I can't get at it.
Not a good shopping day for the dogs here, that's for sure.
Oh, she did bring home a few of the chicken treats that I sometimes eat. I guess she thought that would be enough.
Hmmmmmmmmm. If I push over the chair and get on it just the right way, I think I can get that box.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Bandit

For those who asked.......... the Bandit.

Buried Treasure or How to unconstipate your dog

It's spring in central Maryland. That means a few things.
First, you will need to use both the 'heat' and the 'cool' setting on your thermostat in a 24 hour period. When you get home at 5PM, it's 87 degrees outside and the house is a balmy 80 degrees inside and you have a Husky for a roommate, you turn on the AC. Then, after the storms blow through at 3AM, wake said Husky up and generally reek havoc on the house and yard, you realize the temp outside has dropped to 36 degrees. The Husky is happy, and you are freezing your keester off and trying to figure out if the Gerber Daisies on the deck will survive.
Second, you will go to work one morning and notice that the grass has greened up and all is well in the outside world. You will come home that afternoon and find that your grass has grown approximately 17 inches while you were gone. Which leads us to.......
Third, hello WLMWA (World Lawn Mower Wrestling Association). You get to shove, push, cajole and pray that the mower will start, will keep running and will cut thorough the 200 square feet of 17 inch grass that was formerly your back yard. Where you run in to.....
Fourth, the elusive Buried Treasure. AKA as 'poopsicles' during the months of December, January and sometimes February. You know, those piles you missed because it was too stinkin' cold to go out and pick up or you picked up some but not all the yard.

So, yesterday Dakota, Bandit and I did the lawn thing. We survived, but I was forced to question both dogs as to what on earth goes on in the back yard while I'm at work. Do they have poop parties? Inviting the neighborhood dogs over to leave a pile with a smile? Really. Two dogs = enough poop for an entire pack of dogs.

And I had just picked up a few days ago.

I picked up again. And while I'm picking up? You know. Both dogs. Fresh, new, humungus, stinky piles. Really. If this stuff was gold, I'd be a gazillionare by now.

Both dogs have assured me that it is not them, they do not have parties while I am gone and that it must be, absolutely has to be, the rabbits under the shed.

Happy Spring to all. May you find Husky fur blowing in the wind, and not step in a pile while trying to pick the fur up.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Head in the sand

Much to the Sibe's chagrin, I'm heading to the beach. Dakota will stay with Bandit and his momma while I go and spend some time and money on my human kid. It's all for a good cause though - we're attending a picnic and a silent auction to benefit the Children's Miracle Network. Our family donated a basket filled with Husky approved doggie goodies. A design your own dog bowl. A soft grooming mitt. Several tennis balls. A few lion squeaky toys (personally tested by Dakota). Some biscuits, some food and a few other things. Somewhere, a dog will be pleased. And my Husky will not be happy because she thought the booty was for her!
I guess I could bid on my own basket........ but that's like paying for it twice. I'd like to win something for Bandit and his momma, as they are being so kind as to stay with Dakota.
Dakota had her first big trip in the car a few weeks ago, and I'm hoping to make that a regular part of our routine. With the eventual idea of taking Dakota to the beach with me. I don't know if she will make it though. Smooth, straight riding is ok. Those turns and stops - a definite dislike. As expected, she's also showing an interest in learning to drive.

PS - from Dakota. Of course I want to be in the front and make it go. I believe that all Huskies should be the lead dog!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Blogging skills

OK, so it looks like I managed to post Dakota's pictures in my archives? Something funky here folks. I guess I'll have to do a little more blog polishing skill building.........

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Picture #1

Dakota Moon Twenty, my Sibe

The fur my friend is blowing in the wind...

For those that own a Sibe, it's that time of year again. Or still. It's time for the Sibes to blow their fur. How is it that my own little Sibe, my sweet little Dakota, has blown enough fur off to force me to rent a dumpster to haul it away. Sheesh. The dog only weighs in at 48 pounds, and I am now forced to consider the idea that 40 of those pounds is nothing but static filled, smelly, white fur.
I've even taken to using the shedding tool on the carpet.
Dakota of course, is none too keen on getting any regular grooming. She's far more interested in the rabbit living under the shed in HER YARD. Or the rabbit living in ANY YARD SHE CAN SEE, HEAR, SMELL, OR OTHERWISE. So, grooming has taken a back seat.
We should also discuss Bandit, Dakota's Labrador brother. Bandit is a honey, a very good boy who likes to be with his momma. This concern is a 24/7 thing for him, unless Casper walks by. Casper is Bandit's arch nemesis.
I've gotta learn how to scan in pics and post. You guys will love them.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Another day in paradise

Not. Well at least not until I got home to my Sibe. One of those days where I told the boss I'd be more than happy to turn in my two weeks notice.
You'll note that Dakota is all for this until I remind her that one of us has to pay for the dog food. She has offered to catch the wrascally wrabbit in the back yard, but somehow baby hossenpheffer doesn't do anything for me.
I think we should head to the beach and rent umbrellas for a living, but Ms. Fluffy Fur is not going to like the sun and fun. Some crap about wanting a cold weather state of mind.
Can you go to Margaritaville and Alaska at the same time? And who would you take to either place?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Lady Terps

Even a husky lover can appreciate those Lady Terps! U of Md's first WOMEN'S b-ball championship.
May there be many more.........

Goooooo wooooooooooooo - Dakota adding her two cents on the win (she's a UConn fan)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

So, it's me and the Sibe here. The Sibe is Miss Dakota Moon Twenty, the four legged queen of the household. She is my pup, my best friend and my doggie soul mate. I'm sure that she would probably tell you that I'm full of manure........
But aren't all writers to some extent?