Thursday, August 03, 2006

(Ground) Hog's Breath

Dakota here...........
I finally rooted out the critter living under our shed. I know Mom was sure it was a rabbit, but it was a groundhog! (Note that the picture is only a representation of the groundhog that I got from the internet, because my Mom is too lazy to hook up the Kodak software.)

While the details of the capture are fuzzy, I can tell you that I was interrupted during my through inspection......... well, I was lied to and told that I would be going bye-bye in the car. I dropped the groundhog, fully expecting to finish my inspection after an enjoyable ride in the car, but it disappeared during a brief incarceration I suffered at the hands of Momma B. I don't think that the groundhog got up and walked away, but I will continue to search.

More later.

One quick note - this groundhog did not squeak. My stuffed groundhog squeaked.


Turbo the Sibe said...

Your human was really stupid for tricking you! I'm on my way over to stomp my foot at her and yell at her!

And that groundhog was stupid for not squeaking. I saw the movie Groundhog Day and that groundhog drove a truck very badly!

Sibe's Mom said...

Turbo - I think she was stupid too! It was in my yard! It's my groundhog!!
I taught her a lesson though. I got up several times last night to continue the inspection.
Mom doesn't squeak either!


Shmoo said...

Dakota, Kiss the tasty groundhog goodbye, I'm sure it got thrown over the fence like my mole.

Sigh... probably nice and tender too.
Moles don't squeek either.