Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Being nine has been very busy indeed.
I've had to supervise cleaning the house, because Nana was coming to visit. And, one of the kids had a birthday too. I had to help wrap the gifts. My vision quest to Alaska is still in the planning stage, those people at the map place can be so slow!!! So, I was ready for some rest. Maybe a little vacation. I was so excited last week, because The Mom got a bag together. A special bag, the one she packs when WE are going bye-bye in the car!!
She got up early, really dark, really early.
And she put me outside to do my business.
I came back in, I stood by the place where my harness and leash are................ and she LEFT ME STANDING!!!!!
I wooed.
I sat pretty.
I wooed again.
She said "Bye girl. Mom will be home later."
And she left.
But what's worse. What is the absolute worst.

WITHOUT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I missed the hiking.
I missed the howling.
I missed a campaign speech by Khyra, my Vice Presidential candidate of choice. I hear that she wooed her opinions on global warming and cheese. There was talk of bacon in every bowl as well. (Khyra, I did get to sniff The Mom's shirt. Personally, I think the only volunteering she did was volunteer to LEAVE ME AT HOME!!!!)
I missed my friend Indy! I haven't been able to see him in ages!
I heard that I could have passed a message to Meeshka! Apparently her human woman was there, but the human man stayed at home to make sure Meeshka's every need was met. At least SOMEONE stayed with Meeshka!
And I missed the opportunity to say hi to the Kapp Pack's Mom! I met her last year, what a nice lady! I'LL BET SHE TOOK SKY, CANYON and that cute little SUNSHINE MEADOW with her!!! Maybe they won't notice one more Husky.............
I'm hurt and I'm outraged! I think it's time to rethink this whole The Mom thing.......