Tuesday, August 21, 2007


So, it's move the kid in and out time again. What that means is that everything - with the possible exception of routine feeding and putting outside to potty - gets put on hold while The Mom and the kid pack things in boxes (the same things they packed before!) and then move the boxes to the car and then go.
I heard they went to a different place this year. I haven't been there. I might get to go soon though, as I've been getting many more car rides as we prepare for Hike n Howl . Personally, I think The Mom should be hiking more and driving less.
There's been lots of questions about our application to adopt Xia. I know that The Mom has had lots of conversations with Xia's foster mom - I hear she's being a little stinker (which I think translates as HULA member in training). And I know that The Mom did the home visit and stuff. What I don't know is when she's moving in. I've never been an older sister before - I'm currently the youngest dog in the house - and I would like some time to prepare. I plan on discussing this with The Mom soon, perhaps while we're on one of those car rides?
I almost forgot!! My Blogathon prizes from Meeshka arrived the other day!
Here we are checking it out - everyone else was packing!

Here's what we won! A cool howling wolf and a t-shirt.

And here's what I did after The Mom realized that we had gotten in to the box. Yes, that's me, strategically positioned between two cool air vents, my place of choice. (Yes, Tubey, that was a stuffie on the cool air vent in my last post. We have many, many, many stuffies here - three wash loads full according to The Mom).

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Indy's Visit

As part of the application to adopt Xia, The Mom and I had a home visit from the people at Harnessed to Hope.

Guess who did the home visit?

Indy! (oh, and his mom).

We had a good time showing them our house and the cat and the bird and our back yard!

Then, guess what we did?

Yup. It was a good day and we had a lot of fun!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Protest!!!! Strike!!!

That's it, I'm protesting. I'm on strike. No more kisses, no more tail wags.
The Mom has some explaining to do, and until she does, I'm on STRIKE!
She got up at the crack of dawn yesterday, insisted on putting us out, feeding us and we all knew she wasn't going to that work place.
She left with out us.
She was gone a LONG, LONG, LONG time.
Do you know where she was?
She met Meeshka's human woman - but didn't meet Meeshka. And she met Sasha's human too - but didn't meet Sasha. Now, what good is it to meet the humans, but not the Huskies?
She apparently also got to hear this lady talk about ALASKA and the Iditarod. (Just typing it makes it cooler in here, sigh.............)
Honestly, that's like my total dream trip, and I DIDN'T GO!!!!!
Now apparently some Huskies were invited. Like Thunder (quite handsome, I guess you needed to be a handsome guy to get an invite?)
AND SHE MET XIA!!!!!!!!!
Now, this little girl has been all over the Internet and email and apparently has her own publicity firm hired or something, because everyone is talking about her. So she was important enough to get an invite too.
But I wasn't. And I'm on strike until someone tells me why.

Friday, August 03, 2007

It's too darn hot!

The Mom tells me that 'It's too darn hot' is the name of a song. She would know. She's been listening to what the kids call the 'old fart' station here in town. I think the heat is getting to her.

Today we had to hear all about how nice it is to pick up poop because it practically dries up the moment it hits the ground. I wooed to her that we really didn't care, just pick it up!

Here's another picture (we have hundreds that were recently liberated). This one shows me doing something I truly love:

Sigh. Song or not, it's too darn hot for anypup!