Monday, May 22, 2006


Grand and glorious sniffing at the house today, we had new carpet installed. Both Dakota and Bandit were fairly well behaved, considering they had to spend several hours watching the installer through the sliding glass door rather than helping the installer.
I'm sure the installer was thankful.
The house is a mess, the kid is home from college for a few short days and I think there's company coming.
But it's awful nice to be on vacation.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sneaking out

As Dakota alluded to below, corporateamerica has kept me more than busy the past several days.
But, and I'm not sure Dakota knows this, I'm on vacation from corporateamerica starting Friday and lasting 11 glorious days. I can't wait.
No huge plans, other than getting out the paint and making the kitchen something significantly more livable.
Or making my Husky a new brownish shade. You know how they like to help.
Oh, and did I mention the new carpet? (What was I thinking?)

Here's one we call 'Best Friends'.

So, it's back to the grindstone here shortly. But, before I go........ we have been honored to find out that we were Turbo's 1,500th visitor. I see something about an offer to help shred cardboard.......hmmmmmmmmm....................not on the new carpet, I hope.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Sibe on the beach?

I see Dakota is monitoring the blog while I'm in corporateamerica. Interesting thoughts she has.

One of my small entertainments at work is admiring the Siberian Husky calendar that I have hanging there. For the month of May, the featured Sibe is trotting along the shore. I've spoke to Dakota often about the beach, and we have begun to discuss a trip to the beach. I'm thinking that she's been very well behaved the past several times she has gone bye-bye in the car and it may be time to work up to a longer trip.

So the beach is my natural choice. I may start with a trip to the lake at Catoctin Mountain State Park - if I can sneak her in before all the campers get there. Much of the state and federal parks in this end of the world don't much care for dogs. Too bad. Having been to the lake in the peak season, I can honestly say my Sibe is better behaved then most of the guests they have.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Dakota here..............
Mom is at work, which is apparently a place where I am not allowed. Hhhmmmppphhhh! If they knew what was good for them, there would be Huskies and other dogs at this place. But, I am getting off track.

I have confirmed that there are at least three new Huskies in my neighborhood. I have not met them yet, but there seems to be a pack of two who walk together a lot - one gray and white, one brown and white. And a brown and white one who lives alone. The one that lives with the grey Husky is a very dark brown.

More as soon as I have it. Huskies are moving in to the Catoctin Mountains! Is this the place where we plot to take over dogdom?


Monday, May 01, 2006

Dakota the green pawed Husky

Dakota is being a bit camera shy tonight, and it's a shame. I mowed again tonight, and Dakota spent much time rolling and walking through the freshly cut grass. Which has an interesting affect on my previously gray and white dog. She's gray and green and white at the moment.
But, all is well. Besides, I think it's a preemptive strike - she heard me mention the b-a-t-h word earlier this evening.