Thursday, September 21, 2006

"And now, back to you, Biff...."

Dakota here, with a weather report from the Catoctin Mountain area...........

The thermometer on the deck reads 42 degrees. Not that I can read this confounded thing, I overheard The Mom muttering something about cold feet this morning and she checked it out.
42 degrees. It's comfortable, it's breezy and I'm planning on spending my day outside. How far away can snow be? It's a great day to be a Husky!

(It would be a better day if The Mom shared her bagel with peanut butter on it. Not that I'm complaining, but...)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Doggie friend tag!!!

The Army of Four tagged me! I'm supposed to list five things that make a great doggie friend. Hmmmm...........

1. A good doggie friend shares. Not just their old chew bones either. Bandit and I have two big toy baskets, and we share everything. When Chip was here, we shared with him too.

2. A good doggie friend keeps their Mom/Dad/family safe. Bandit does better than I do with this - he's a barker, let me tell you - and if anyone comes close to our house or our yard, he lets The Mom know.

3. A good doggie friend knows when it's time to take a nap. Sometimes, it's all you can do. You have to lay down and be quiet and let everyone else sleep. (This one's real important on those mornings where The Mom doesn't hit that talking box thing three or four times before she gets her lazy butt up.)

4. A good doggie friend helps you dig a hole! If you think digging alone is fun, try digging with a friend.

5. A good doggie friend tags his or her other doggie friends to let them know that we're having fun and they need to join us! So, I'm tagging...........
Poesidon Koda and Ronak

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday night

Another Saturday night, and The Mom is sitting here doing absolutely nothing. Really, do these people have a life outside of that place they call 'work'? I don't think so.
They could be doing all sorts of fun things - and taking me along. A car ride. A shopping trip. A park visit. But what did they do? They trimmed the bush out front! They did not use the bush dog................. which seems to be a perfectly sensible product that you put down before you trim bushes. No, they did it the old fashioned way, then complained and limped when they had to rake and pick up everything and put the bags by the side of the house.
Do you think I should tell them that the garbage guys don't pick up stuff like that anymore? Nah. That will teach them to stop doing boring things.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

On being seven

Dakota here.
Now that I have turned seven, I feel so much more mature and forgiving.


Ha! Before bed last night, The Mom came over with a bowl full of cake and ice cream. Yum. Bandit and I played with the new squeaky toy, and I showed off my new collar to the neighborhood huskies walking on the perimeter of my yard. They were jealous.

I must admit to being a bit tired last night. We turned in after watching Kayne get aufed from Project Runway. Sigh. Now I won't be able to chew on some crazy, fru-fru pagent dress designed for The Mom.

Not that she would wear anything all sparkly and flowing anyway.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Just one more nap.....

Dakota here.......finally.
Yup, one more long sleep tonight, and tomorrow will be my birthday! I've been waiting for a long time. I'm not supposed to know, but I saw The Mom put a bag in the closet - it's got a fish squeaky toy and a new collar in it. I also sniffed out a birthday cake. Smells like banana to me. But, I'm getting off track here.

So, I haven't posted for a while. That's because The Mom packed up that ugly box on wheels and left me! Yup, she was gone. I watched her pull out. We slept without her two times, and then she came back. Not that we slept alone. When The Mom packs up that box on wheels, it means that my sister is coming! It's the older kid, the one that always shares her food and spends all the time on the computer when she's here. I tried to tell her that I needed to get on and update my husky friends, but she was having none of it. Something about planning for the week and tests for her kids. Now, I don't want to give anything away here, but if she has kids, The Mom doesn't know about it. She doesn't even have a dog where she lives. I'm not sure what she's talking about, but I do know that she comes here sometimes and smells like LOTS of different people. I also know that The Mom spends money on books about cold places for her to take to her 'classroom'. I also know, because she told me, that this place she goes to with these other people has something to do with huskies. And that I can't go and play with her kids.
At any rate, I am usually very irritated when The Mom goes away. Mostly because she doesn't take me! This time, she went to a place called Canada. She told me all about a big waterfall, and lots of cool weather!!! It sounds like a place I'd like to go. I was going to chew on the stuffed husky she brought back, then she opened another package and gave me the most delectable treat that a husky can imagine....... salmon jerky. I can't begin to tell you all how wonderful salmon jerky is. I'm hoping that she bought another package of it for me as a special birthday gift................

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Catching up

Dakota here.
It's wet and soggy in my area of the husky world. We're not doing a whole lot on this end, well, Bandit and I aren't doing a whole lot.
The Mom is another story.
She's going to 'school'. Which is apparently the same as hogging the computer and using all those words she really shouldn't expose my delicate ears to. I suspect that she'll peter out, but who knows, maybe she'll surprise me.
Speaking of surprises, my birthday is in a few days. I wonder if anyone will remember this year. Last year, The Mom remembered about two seconds before I nodded off for the night. The kids didn't remember at all. No tasty yummies, no cake. I plan on taking cue from Meeshka and clawing until they beg for mercy.
Or offer me birthday cake.

The Crocodile Hunter was killed a day or so ago. (No, I didn't have his name in the pool.) Some goofy fishy thing stung him. A sad day when a true animal and outdoor lover passes on.