Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Catching up

Dakota here.
It's wet and soggy in my area of the husky world. We're not doing a whole lot on this end, well, Bandit and I aren't doing a whole lot.
The Mom is another story.
She's going to 'school'. Which is apparently the same as hogging the computer and using all those words she really shouldn't expose my delicate ears to. I suspect that she'll peter out, but who knows, maybe she'll surprise me.
Speaking of surprises, my birthday is in a few days. I wonder if anyone will remember this year. Last year, The Mom remembered about two seconds before I nodded off for the night. The kids didn't remember at all. No tasty yummies, no cake. I plan on taking cue from Meeshka and clawing until they beg for mercy.
Or offer me birthday cake.

The Crocodile Hunter was killed a day or so ago. (No, I didn't have his name in the pool.) Some goofy fishy thing stung him. A sad day when a true animal and outdoor lover passes on.


Shmoo said...

Is it your birthday yet? Days are human counters, so was it a few sleeps away, or a few meals away?

Regardless, Happy Birthday, and hopefully you got lots of human goodies and ice cream and cake. Cake is really good


Macie-Malechai said...

Happy Birthday Dakota! No cake or nothin, yes, clawing is in order! We will be officially 6 months on Wednesday, we better get a bone or somethin' (besides the stupid puppy classes). We will hope for a furry critter to wonder into your yard for a birthday treat for you!
Macie & Malechai

IndyPindy said...

Hi Dakota,

Yes, it's been wet and muddy here too. Sorry your mom is on the puter all the time.

Hey, when is your birthday? Mine is September 30th. I'll be six!