Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Doggie friend tag!!!

The Army of Four tagged me! I'm supposed to list five things that make a great doggie friend. Hmmmm...........

1. A good doggie friend shares. Not just their old chew bones either. Bandit and I have two big toy baskets, and we share everything. When Chip was here, we shared with him too.

2. A good doggie friend keeps their Mom/Dad/family safe. Bandit does better than I do with this - he's a barker, let me tell you - and if anyone comes close to our house or our yard, he lets The Mom know.

3. A good doggie friend knows when it's time to take a nap. Sometimes, it's all you can do. You have to lay down and be quiet and let everyone else sleep. (This one's real important on those mornings where The Mom doesn't hit that talking box thing three or four times before she gets her lazy butt up.)

4. A good doggie friend helps you dig a hole! If you think digging alone is fun, try digging with a friend.

5. A good doggie friend tags his or her other doggie friends to let them know that we're having fun and they need to join us! So, I'm tagging...........
Poesidon Koda and Ronak


Koda said...

Hey I just looked at your profile and see your into manufacturing. Think maybe you make bones or something and maybe you would want to send me some for testing. Mom is crabby, says you probably don't make nothing but fertilizer.

I gotta go sulk, mom won't play with me tonight..

Sunshade said...

Hey there, I have a feeling we would be great doggie friends, especially # 2&4!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

The Army of Four said...

Great list, Dakota! As per the barking one... if Amber takes mom or dad out to the front yard after dark and she sees someone she doesn't know, she'll let out one big, bold "BUFF!" It's pretty cool. The rest of us just stare. We also run to the door or window and stare if we see something. Mom's learned to treat that like a bark.
Play bows,

Sibe's Mom said...

Koda - I keep trying to make a move and get in to the bone making, but no luck so far. Your mom's idea is closer to what I make now, but a girl can dream....

Hi Miss Sunshade! - I think we would be great friends too! Do you like snow?

Ao4 - I do the stare thing too. But I think I get overlooked by that showboating Bandit. He gets all barky and slobbery and wiggly. What more can I expect from a ............ lab? I've been leaving your blog up so The Mom gets the idea about an entire Army of brothers and sisters. No luck yet.