Saturday, April 18, 2009


I was laying around in the freshly mowed grass, making sure my nice white belly got a little of the green on it, and I thought, well, I haven't blogged in a while.
So here I am.
We got lots of questions about our last post, and yes, I can now confirm.
Now, no offense to Huffle or any of the other kitties out there. I love you all. And I love you all because you don't live in my house!
Molly, the new cat, is staying with us while Momma Bev's dad is in a nursing home. See, Molly was his cat, and now he can't take care of her, so I have to take care of her. She's not furry nice. She's ok with The Mom, and she likes Mamma Bev too, but she does not like me or Bandit. She hisses, and she swats at us!
Is that any way for a guest to behave? I think not!
So, she lives in the 'guest' bedroom most of the time, and she comes out when The Mom works on her laptop or watches TV in my room.
I guess my readers want to know that I'm doing well with the kidney thing. I take pills, and I'm getting some tasty rice and chicken pretty much each meal. I even gained three pounds! My Dr is happy, and right now we're waiting for the latest test results to come back. I'll have to post when they are in.
Ok, so , that's the update.
Back to that nice newly mowed grass for me!