Saturday, April 29, 2006

The treat that I can't have....

Dakota posting tonight. Mom spent her day shopping, and coming home with about the most useless thing ever.
White Chocolate M & M's.
Now, Mom knows better. I don't know why we even have chocolate in the house, because I can't have any of it. None. I don't even get to get a good sniff in on the bags.
But they keep bringing it home.
Even worse, she brought home the box the chocolate is sent to the store in. Cardboard. And she put it up where I can't get at it.
Not a good shopping day for the dogs here, that's for sure.
Oh, she did bring home a few of the chicken treats that I sometimes eat. I guess she thought that would be enough.
Hmmmmmmmmm. If I push over the chair and get on it just the right way, I think I can get that box.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Bandit

For those who asked.......... the Bandit.

Buried Treasure or How to unconstipate your dog

It's spring in central Maryland. That means a few things.
First, you will need to use both the 'heat' and the 'cool' setting on your thermostat in a 24 hour period. When you get home at 5PM, it's 87 degrees outside and the house is a balmy 80 degrees inside and you have a Husky for a roommate, you turn on the AC. Then, after the storms blow through at 3AM, wake said Husky up and generally reek havoc on the house and yard, you realize the temp outside has dropped to 36 degrees. The Husky is happy, and you are freezing your keester off and trying to figure out if the Gerber Daisies on the deck will survive.
Second, you will go to work one morning and notice that the grass has greened up and all is well in the outside world. You will come home that afternoon and find that your grass has grown approximately 17 inches while you were gone. Which leads us to.......
Third, hello WLMWA (World Lawn Mower Wrestling Association). You get to shove, push, cajole and pray that the mower will start, will keep running and will cut thorough the 200 square feet of 17 inch grass that was formerly your back yard. Where you run in to.....
Fourth, the elusive Buried Treasure. AKA as 'poopsicles' during the months of December, January and sometimes February. You know, those piles you missed because it was too stinkin' cold to go out and pick up or you picked up some but not all the yard.

So, yesterday Dakota, Bandit and I did the lawn thing. We survived, but I was forced to question both dogs as to what on earth goes on in the back yard while I'm at work. Do they have poop parties? Inviting the neighborhood dogs over to leave a pile with a smile? Really. Two dogs = enough poop for an entire pack of dogs.

And I had just picked up a few days ago.

I picked up again. And while I'm picking up? You know. Both dogs. Fresh, new, humungus, stinky piles. Really. If this stuff was gold, I'd be a gazillionare by now.

Both dogs have assured me that it is not them, they do not have parties while I am gone and that it must be, absolutely has to be, the rabbits under the shed.

Happy Spring to all. May you find Husky fur blowing in the wind, and not step in a pile while trying to pick the fur up.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Head in the sand

Much to the Sibe's chagrin, I'm heading to the beach. Dakota will stay with Bandit and his momma while I go and spend some time and money on my human kid. It's all for a good cause though - we're attending a picnic and a silent auction to benefit the Children's Miracle Network. Our family donated a basket filled with Husky approved doggie goodies. A design your own dog bowl. A soft grooming mitt. Several tennis balls. A few lion squeaky toys (personally tested by Dakota). Some biscuits, some food and a few other things. Somewhere, a dog will be pleased. And my Husky will not be happy because she thought the booty was for her!
I guess I could bid on my own basket........ but that's like paying for it twice. I'd like to win something for Bandit and his momma, as they are being so kind as to stay with Dakota.
Dakota had her first big trip in the car a few weeks ago, and I'm hoping to make that a regular part of our routine. With the eventual idea of taking Dakota to the beach with me. I don't know if she will make it though. Smooth, straight riding is ok. Those turns and stops - a definite dislike. As expected, she's also showing an interest in learning to drive.

PS - from Dakota. Of course I want to be in the front and make it go. I believe that all Huskies should be the lead dog!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Blogging skills

OK, so it looks like I managed to post Dakota's pictures in my archives? Something funky here folks. I guess I'll have to do a little more blog polishing skill building.........

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Picture #1

Dakota Moon Twenty, my Sibe

The fur my friend is blowing in the wind...

For those that own a Sibe, it's that time of year again. Or still. It's time for the Sibes to blow their fur. How is it that my own little Sibe, my sweet little Dakota, has blown enough fur off to force me to rent a dumpster to haul it away. Sheesh. The dog only weighs in at 48 pounds, and I am now forced to consider the idea that 40 of those pounds is nothing but static filled, smelly, white fur.
I've even taken to using the shedding tool on the carpet.
Dakota of course, is none too keen on getting any regular grooming. She's far more interested in the rabbit living under the shed in HER YARD. Or the rabbit living in ANY YARD SHE CAN SEE, HEAR, SMELL, OR OTHERWISE. So, grooming has taken a back seat.
We should also discuss Bandit, Dakota's Labrador brother. Bandit is a honey, a very good boy who likes to be with his momma. This concern is a 24/7 thing for him, unless Casper walks by. Casper is Bandit's arch nemesis.
I've gotta learn how to scan in pics and post. You guys will love them.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Another day in paradise

Not. Well at least not until I got home to my Sibe. One of those days where I told the boss I'd be more than happy to turn in my two weeks notice.
You'll note that Dakota is all for this until I remind her that one of us has to pay for the dog food. She has offered to catch the wrascally wrabbit in the back yard, but somehow baby hossenpheffer doesn't do anything for me.
I think we should head to the beach and rent umbrellas for a living, but Ms. Fluffy Fur is not going to like the sun and fun. Some crap about wanting a cold weather state of mind.
Can you go to Margaritaville and Alaska at the same time? And who would you take to either place?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Lady Terps

Even a husky lover can appreciate those Lady Terps! U of Md's first WOMEN'S b-ball championship.
May there be many more.........

Goooooo wooooooooooooo - Dakota adding her two cents on the win (she's a UConn fan)