Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Totally pathetic

I just think everydog should know how pathetic things are around here. The Mom got home from work - LATE AGAIN -and put us out. The next thing I knew, she was outside, with ice water - no friggin' snacks - with her nose in a book. A book! Now, after being in an office all day, you would think that she should want to come home, stretch out a bit and maybe play???? Nope, she was on her lazy butt all evening!

Didn't even make dinner.

Do you know what Kix are?

That's what Miss Lazy - formerly known as The Mom - had for dinner!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

She's not on the computer!

Finally, after months of not even being able to get in to the office - darn those humans for making sure the doors are closed - The Mom is done school. The computer is free, The Mom is petting and loving me more and all is well with my world.
Well, it was until the kid came home.
I was told that the kid lived at school ( I'm thinking it was not the same school that The Mom was going to), but now she is home. Well, let me tell you, I don't know where the kid was, but she brought a LOT of stuff home with her. Food. Clothes. New tasty looking shoes. And many, many piles of J-U-N-K. I can barely move around in my room! But, it is nice to have the kid home because it means that The Mom will no longer leave me and go visit her. So, I'm happy.
It's terribly hot here - already I have seen the 90 on the thermometer. I am thankful that the air conditioner is up and working again. I'm confining my outside time to early morning and night time - besides, it's easier to guard the perimeter of the yard when it's dark.
As you can see, I am taking regular rest and water breaks.

I just heard The Mom mention that she's off for a few more days. That's good news. I was just thinking of a belly rub and a nap.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

While The Mom pours over text books and yanks out part of her fur while screaming something about final exams, I thought I'd sneak in and blog to catch everyone up.

The Mom has still not mastered how to hook the digital camera up to the computer. She should.

There's lots and lots of young tasty snacks in my yard. Birds. Bunnies. Nothing yet, although apparently there was a dearly departed baby bird on Bandit's side of the yard. Hmmmm.

Um, if you hear something that sounds like bzzzzzzz - do not, I repeat, do not confuse it as a young and tasty snack. Oh, it was tasty I guess, but then my snoot swelled up and I didn't feel all that well for a few hours. They bite back! I did get some ice in the water bowl from The Mom though.

One of the kids came home last weekend! I was in bed, asleep with The Mom, and I heard someone come in the house!! I picked my head up to listen to see if they were headed toward the cheese drawer, and all of the sudden the bedroom door opened and it was the kid! I was pretty happy to see her - I leaped from the bed to the door and in to her arms. Sure enough, she had brought some tasty leftovers home and we shared a midnight snack.

I've been trying to decide what to get The Mom for Mother's Day. Seems that chewing up a text book could be a possible gift, but I think I'll just let her pet my belly after I get brushed. Maybe I'll behave during my brushing too. That would be a real treat for her.