Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

While The Mom pours over text books and yanks out part of her fur while screaming something about final exams, I thought I'd sneak in and blog to catch everyone up.

The Mom has still not mastered how to hook the digital camera up to the computer. She should.

There's lots and lots of young tasty snacks in my yard. Birds. Bunnies. Nothing yet, although apparently there was a dearly departed baby bird on Bandit's side of the yard. Hmmmm.

Um, if you hear something that sounds like bzzzzzzz - do not, I repeat, do not confuse it as a young and tasty snack. Oh, it was tasty I guess, but then my snoot swelled up and I didn't feel all that well for a few hours. They bite back! I did get some ice in the water bowl from The Mom though.

One of the kids came home last weekend! I was in bed, asleep with The Mom, and I heard someone come in the house!! I picked my head up to listen to see if they were headed toward the cheese drawer, and all of the sudden the bedroom door opened and it was the kid! I was pretty happy to see her - I leaped from the bed to the door and in to her arms. Sure enough, she had brought some tasty leftovers home and we shared a midnight snack.

I've been trying to decide what to get The Mom for Mother's Day. Seems that chewing up a text book could be a possible gift, but I think I'll just let her pet my belly after I get brushed. Maybe I'll behave during my brushing too. That would be a real treat for her.


The Army of Four said...

Hey Dakota! Zip us an email to our secret address we posted Saturday so we can send you the code for your side bar!
Play bows,
PS: I tried to pick some flowers for my mom and all I got back was that, "NononoZimmieno!" thing. What's up with that?

Holly said...

My brother Samuel recently ate one of my mom's school books. There's a photo on my blog.

I also got a tasty baby squirrell not to long ago. But mom took it away. Photos of that too, on my blog.

Hopefully you will get some tasty treats too. And ones that DON'T bite back!