Monday, September 28, 2009

Snow report!

There is none. That's my report.....................

But it is nice and breezy and about 60 degrees outside here. It's supposed to drop to the 40's tonight, which means I am going to squeeze in an evening nap, so I can get The Mom up two or three times tonight. She never knows if I have to potty or I am faking it to go outside!
All remains well here. Bandit is getting a bit slower, but he's still a big barking labbie. The new pup a few doors down was walking his people tonight, and Bandit started to bark as soon as he saw them. The pup seemed to want to walk across the street after that.
The Mom spent many hours in Molly's room yesterday. It's almost Colorfest time, which means my Nana will be here soon with donut holes! I can't wait. She brings us stuff when she comes, because she knows if we are eating or playing, we'll leave her yarn alone. She makes pup blankets and people blankets I'll have to get The Mom to drag out the flashy beast and get a picture for you. Bandit's blanket is particularly nice.
Yawn...... off to nap.