Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bacon Heaven

The Mom is frying bacon, so I thought I'd sneak in and see how everyone was.

So, how are you? I haven't been able to blog much lately - if your human, owner, Mom, Dad, biped or whatever mentions the words 'on-line course', you can expect to only find the computer free when they are in that small room where they potty (They spend hours sniffing in there, have you noticed that?). Which means you will not be able to read blogs, or blog yourself. How else am I supposed to keep up with my friends? Really.

And - to add insult to injury - The Mom packed up that bag thing and LEFT for three moons. Three. Oh, she let the kid come here and make sure that Bandit and I had food and we went outside and we had someone to cater to our whims, but she LEFT me. I am not happy. I have also discovered her packing up that bag thing again today. I don't know where she's going this time. My question - why can't I go? I have a crate, and I don't need one of those bags. I can just go. I travel light. My blankie, a crate and some water.

We've been having bacon on everything and in everything. I wonder if the folks at Dogs With Blogs would mind if we had a Wine, Cheese and Bacon Pawty here?

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Snow-day

No sun today! It's been overcast and snowing here in the Catoctin Mountains. Well, no snow on the ground snow, but lots of snow in the sky snow. I think the Easter Bunnies under the building in the backyard are huddled up - it's might chilly here for them. Even The Mom is a bit cold these days.
I'm loving it!
Let's see. Bandit's birthday was last week, and we got cake and ice cream (well, doggie ice cream, but........). Then it was Bandit's Momma's birthday, and we got MORE cake and doggie ice cream. Quite the coupe, having those days in a row like that. I wish I had pictures but a) The Mom has the camera 'hidden' somewhere (she lost it!) and b) she really needs to buy the cable so we can actually upload the pictures from the camera to the blog. I think this is just a conspiracy to keep me off the computer.
Good thing I have no intention to buy in to the conspiracy!
Oh, and she didn't win one thing on the eBay auctions for Harnessed To Hope . I'm sure that she needed something....... maybe her wallet would have been a little fuller if she'd stop going to all those ham and turkey nights. Not that I'm complaining about 10 pounds of bacon.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday Musings

Good afternoon to everyone.
Things continue to be quite hectic here, as The Mom recovers from her fall and spring has arrived. I've spent much of my time helping The Mom, and making sure she is safe. I am happy to report that meals and yummies are back on the pre-injury schedule. I did get somewhat of a break yesterday, as The Mom got up very, very early in the morning and did not get home until very, very late. I'm not quite sure what a one armed bandit is, but it apparently got some of The Mom's money stuff.
The Mom found a cool place called Jake's Dog House ( if you happen to have that plastic thing the humans use). They had homemade dog treats, and The Mom brought us some! We also each got a new squeaky toy - mine is a squeaky mat with 16, count 'em, 16 squeakers in it. Bandit got a squeaky duck. It was nice to be rewarded for all of my hard work of late.
The Mom is now doing more school stuff. Stress Management. Stupid humans, if you have a Husky, there is NO stress. You just have to live on dog time and understand that the Husky way is the only way.

And finally, I'm sad to report that my namesake and friend Dakota over at The Brat Pack has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. If you haven't had the opportunity to visit Thrawn, Samantha, Tucker and Dot, head over and read their blog. Dakota my friend, I will miss you and I am sending soft Husky woos to the rest of your pack.