Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Snow-day

No sun today! It's been overcast and snowing here in the Catoctin Mountains. Well, no snow on the ground snow, but lots of snow in the sky snow. I think the Easter Bunnies under the building in the backyard are huddled up - it's might chilly here for them. Even The Mom is a bit cold these days.
I'm loving it!
Let's see. Bandit's birthday was last week, and we got cake and ice cream (well, doggie ice cream, but........). Then it was Bandit's Momma's birthday, and we got MORE cake and doggie ice cream. Quite the coupe, having those days in a row like that. I wish I had pictures but a) The Mom has the camera 'hidden' somewhere (she lost it!) and b) she really needs to buy the cable so we can actually upload the pictures from the camera to the blog. I think this is just a conspiracy to keep me off the computer.
Good thing I have no intention to buy in to the conspiracy!
Oh, and she didn't win one thing on the eBay auctions for Harnessed To Hope . I'm sure that she needed something....... maybe her wallet would have been a little fuller if she'd stop going to all those ham and turkey nights. Not that I'm complaining about 10 pounds of bacon.


dakotablueeyes said...

10lbs that's a lot of bacon.

PiratesGrrl said...

Ooooh, what did she win??
Mom kept getting outbid, but we think it's because she's too cheap.

We only got a little sky snow too. :(


Dakota said...

Dakotablueeyes - Yup. And she's leaving it in the big cold box. One day soon, when she turns her back, it will be mine...... I can share some though.

Priatesgrrl (Thrawn!) - mine is cheap too... she didn't win anything! She kept getting outbid.

Shmoo said...