Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm a hero!

Yup. I know I shouldn't be wooing my own horn, but I'm a hero! The Mom told me so.

It's been furry cold here, and all of my wonderful snow has turned to ICE! It's so bad, that we have to go downstairs to go outside to potty - the deck steps are too icy for us to use. Last night, Bandit's Momma took us downstairs to put us outside.... and Sadie the cat snuck out with us!!!!! She's not an outside type of kitty, she's furry old (The Mom says she's 19 or 20 years old!!!) and she doesn't have good outside fur like I do. But she went outside and started to escape! I knew she wasn't supposed to be outside, so I chased her behind the woodpile, and kept her there until The Mom could get outside to get her. I got extra pets and even some livergreat for being a good big sister and helping The Mom get Sadie back inside where she belongs!

I guess this shoots my plans for HULA membership!!!!???

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mother Nature......

Finally got off her butt and dumped some snow in the Catoctin Mountains! Two lovely inches of the white stuff and more to come! Here I am outside enjoying the snow:

That's the only really exciting news I have. January is tough around here, The Mom is at work all the time and she's not spending enough time with me. I keep telling myself that someone needs to pay for the pup food, and it may as well be her! Even Bandit's momma is working right now. It sure was nice to have her home for a while...... sigh. We need to talk to her about that.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Start of a New Year

Welcome to 2009!

2008 was quite busy. I'm guilty of often not getting enough time to blog and, just as important, not getting enough time to read blogs. I'm going to try to get to visit lots of new blogs this year.

I got to meet young nephew Colby over the holidays. Here's some pictures!

Here's Colby chewing on a stinky old tennis ball - note his brand new toy right next to him!

And here we are after opening presents on Christmas morning!

He's a little guy, only about 5 pounds. His head fits in my mouth! And I probably won't reveal how I know that. We get along OK, but he has some Sibe rules to learn before he comes again. Oh, and he still poops in the house. Apparently pooping under the Christmas tree is not what your humans consider leaving an appropriate present.

I think I'm going to squeeze in a nap before dinner! Blog at you soon!