Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Buried Treasure or How to unconstipate your dog

It's spring in central Maryland. That means a few things.
First, you will need to use both the 'heat' and the 'cool' setting on your thermostat in a 24 hour period. When you get home at 5PM, it's 87 degrees outside and the house is a balmy 80 degrees inside and you have a Husky for a roommate, you turn on the AC. Then, after the storms blow through at 3AM, wake said Husky up and generally reek havoc on the house and yard, you realize the temp outside has dropped to 36 degrees. The Husky is happy, and you are freezing your keester off and trying to figure out if the Gerber Daisies on the deck will survive.
Second, you will go to work one morning and notice that the grass has greened up and all is well in the outside world. You will come home that afternoon and find that your grass has grown approximately 17 inches while you were gone. Which leads us to.......
Third, hello WLMWA (World Lawn Mower Wrestling Association). You get to shove, push, cajole and pray that the mower will start, will keep running and will cut thorough the 200 square feet of 17 inch grass that was formerly your back yard. Where you run in to.....
Fourth, the elusive Buried Treasure. AKA as 'poopsicles' during the months of December, January and sometimes February. You know, those piles you missed because it was too stinkin' cold to go out and pick up or you picked up some but not all the yard.

So, yesterday Dakota, Bandit and I did the lawn thing. We survived, but I was forced to question both dogs as to what on earth goes on in the back yard while I'm at work. Do they have poop parties? Inviting the neighborhood dogs over to leave a pile with a smile? Really. Two dogs = enough poop for an entire pack of dogs.

And I had just picked up a few days ago.

I picked up again. And while I'm picking up? You know. Both dogs. Fresh, new, humungus, stinky piles. Really. If this stuff was gold, I'd be a gazillionare by now.

Both dogs have assured me that it is not them, they do not have parties while I am gone and that it must be, absolutely has to be, the rabbits under the shed.

Happy Spring to all. May you find Husky fur blowing in the wind, and not step in a pile while trying to pick the fur up.

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IndyPindy said...

Funny entry! My grandma and grandpa's dog Amber is a Husky/Corgi mix, and she poops so much in the yard that my mom thought that her parents had had a herd of buffalo for a couple of days.