Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday, Monday

Dakota here.
I can tell you that there's absolutely no snow in the Catoctin Mountains. It's still hot here, and my winter coat is coming in. Really, I think Mother Nature must have a very sick sense of humor.
So, I heard from Patch and Kirby today. They are my friends who live in Mississippi. They spent an entire week at the Doggie Spa - which I understand is probably not exactly what their mom told them it was - while their people were in a place called Myrtle Beach. Having not been to either of these places, I can't provide an opinion - but I'm sure it's hot there too. Any way - Kirby has those dreaded worms from fleas. I think she's having some sensitive tummy issues, but other than that she's OK. Help me think good thoughts for Kirby. She's not a member of HULA - we really should have a HULA auxiliary or something for dogs who don't have the good fortune of being born Huskies - but I think she would appreciate the good thoughts.
I did hear that the good part of not being at home was there was no sign of the noisy thing her mom pushes around every day.
There's lots of talk around here about the first day of school. Both of the kids had their first day today, and The Mom has her first day later this week. All I know is that I can't go and when they go, they have their snoots in books all the time. Which leaves very little time for me.
Since it's supposed to be good 'in the long run', I guess I can be patient. I'm all for a long run.
And while these people are at school, I'm hoping they learn how to post pictures. What is the sense of keeping them in that little box?

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Turbo the Sibe said...

I don't understand a mountain that's so stupid as to now have any snow!