Monday, August 14, 2006

I've been tagged!! Twice!

Dakota here

Well, had the Mom been home this weekend, I'd have found out about this earlier. Instead she was gone - and she'd closed the door to her laptop. (I need to follow up on my laptop when I'm done this.) Thanks Turbo and Dusty! (And I was a yes for the opposable thumbs poll!!!)

So, here it is.
When you play this game, you get tagged. Then you write in your blog five weird or crazy things about yourself. You also get to tag five other dog blog friends so they have to tell five things about themselves. You need to list the five dog blog friends in your blog, and you need to leave them something in their comments to let them know that it's tag, you're it! time.
Here's my five funky things:

1. When I first came to live with The Mom, there was another dog living with them. His name was Lindsey's Sherlock Holmes. He was a very large Chocolate Lab, and a very good big brother. He taught me all about The Mom, and the two kids in the house. He's across the Rainbow Bridge now and I miss him.

2. I live with a CAT! Sadie the cat came to live with us when Bandit and Momma B did. We don't really get along that well, but I don't bite her as much as I used to. She has a very good left claw jab. (Ouch!) There's also a cockatiel and a beta fish at my house. (The Mom likes to tease my by having those tasty treats right in the house!!!)

3. I don't eat my treats right away - I like to hide my biscuits and come back for them at my leisure.

4. My very favorite food is anything with fish in it. I am particularly fond of fish sticks, which make a more than acceptable alternative to biscuits in my book!

5. I am usually called either 'KB' or 'Koda Bear'. The kids that were living here when I got here wanted to name me 'Bear', but the Mom decided on 'Dakota Moon Twenty'. Go figure.

I tagged Floss , The Rascals , Bosco , Dusty Dog (check out that yummy recipe) and Bond.

Tag, you're it!!!!

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Brody the Bulldog said...

Wow - it's amazing how many Pups got tagged with this one! I'm having a great time sniffing my way back through the tag-line!

And I know what you mean by the 'Fish Flavor'. MMmmmm... I'm drooling just thinking about it. I got hooked on salmon oil, and now - it's just not proper kibble without it.