Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sneaking out

As Dakota alluded to below, corporateamerica has kept me more than busy the past several days.
But, and I'm not sure Dakota knows this, I'm on vacation from corporateamerica starting Friday and lasting 11 glorious days. I can't wait.
No huge plans, other than getting out the paint and making the kitchen something significantly more livable.
Or making my Husky a new brownish shade. You know how they like to help.
Oh, and did I mention the new carpet? (What was I thinking?)

Here's one we call 'Best Friends'.

So, it's back to the grindstone here shortly. But, before I go........ we have been honored to find out that we were Turbo's 1,500th visitor. I see something about an offer to help shred cardboard.......hmmmmmmmmm....................not on the new carpet, I hope.


Turbo the Sibe said...

We all can come over and help break in the new carpet. We'll bring the cardboard!

Sibe's Mom said...

Turbo -
Hurry! They are ripping up the old carpet now. There goes all of our places, our hair. My favorite belly rub spot - gone! Why do people do this? The thought of losing the carpet made Bandit sick - he hurled all over the old carpet.
Dakota -
PS - as they take their stuff out of the room to put the carpet in, they are putting it in boxes. That means there will be lots of empty ones soon........