Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Siberian's are not water dogs

Dakota here............
To take my cue from Tubey - rain is STUPID!
It's been raining here for several days. Mom won't let us play outside for long, we can't play ball in the house, and I'm tired of laying and watching the birds just take over the yard. I brought all of this to Mom's attention, and I was told to mind myself!! Of all the nerve!
Bandit is not happy. The vet told him that he could have no more cheese, no more ice cream and no more anything to do with a cow! I don't know if this means Mom has to remove all of the cow stuff from the kitchen or not. I plan on taking that up with her tonight.
Speaking of the vet - I got very excited when Mom told me we were going bye-bye in the car last night...... until I figured out that I was going to the vet for a booster shot. Now, I love a good car ride as much as any Husky, but this going to the vet's has got to stop. I did manage to register my displeasure by stepping in some good mud and getting in to the car. Then I woke Mom up at 1 o'clock this morning to do a nightly check on the birds and made sure I got good and wet before I got back up on the bed to sleep.
So now I'm practicing at the computer, and trying very hard to check out who has signed up for the Iditerod next year.


Turbo the Sibe said...

Yes, you're right. Rain is stupid! And so are birds!

IndyPindy said...

Oh, I feel your pain. I have been at my grandparents' house since my mom has been out of town, and I do not like rain!!! My dad couldn't even come get me before he went to get my mom from the airport...a whole bunch of roads were closed and he wouldn't have been able to get to the airport on time. So I am still waiting for him to come get me after rush hour today!