Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My pack

Dakota here. A good night, mostly. Both my kids were home tonight, which makes Mom pretty happy. The older kid just came to visit me and to share her dinner with me. The other kid is here too - she came home to visit me and to share some time with me tonight.
The other kid has been sitting around a lot, with ice and water on her leg. I keep hearing something about pills and a spider bite. I tried to tell Mom that she's OK - I inspected and tasted both legs and they seem to be fine, but Mom isn't listening. She's making the kid sit and do nothing but watch TV. The kid could at least be playing with me.
Mom even came home early to be with me.
She's a good Mom. More so when she had both cheese and chicken for dinner. My belly is full, what with tasting for the older kid, tasting for the other kid, tasting for Momma Bev and making sure Mom shared her's too. She shares almost everything with me - except those round colored candies she's fond of.
So I did some online research on spider bites - the experts concur with me, the other kid will be fine. I hope Mom goes night-night soon - all of this visiting and stuff has tired me out.


Turbo the Sibe said...

We have a lot of brown recluses at our house. And by a lot I mean dozens and dozens. No exageration. So far none have bitten anyone.

Sibe's Mom said...

I usually just watch spiders go by, as they seem to be quiet enough and don't pester me. I'm not sure what the kid did to get one to bite her. I know I've nipped at the kid when she's taken my squeaky ball or she's not paying attention when I want some cheese.
Whatever the case, she sure got a lot of attention from Mom for this! I am jealous.

Turbo the Sibe said...

Well, it's hardly worth being bit by a spider to get attention.

Maybe the kid was taking one of the spider's toys?