Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Chip the Cocker Spaniel

Dakota reporting from the front line........
Chip has been here a bit over a week now. He seems OK for a small guy. We spend a lot of time trying to teach him that I am the boss, that all toys are mine and that I am first for doggie love, puppy biscuits and time on Mom's lap. He is not a quick learner.
Bandit has confided in me that he does not like Chip - I think it's because Chip has a crush on me and Bandit thinks he is my number one man.
Little do they both know that I am an independent lady! No men for me, I'm foot loose and fancy free.

As soon as Mom gets off her butt and fixes the digital hook up, I'll post a picture of Chip. He has scoped out a favorite spot in the house - on top of the blanket chest in front of the windows. Since that's not my number one spot, I guess I can be gracious and let him stay there while he's visiting. I think his mom and dad are due back soon though.

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