Monday, July 24, 2006

Goodbye, Mr. Chips!

Dakota - finally with some time to blog.
Chip went back home with his parents. While I enjoyed having my younger cousin, and teaching him the Husky way, I was somewhat releived to see him go. He's very vocal for all the wrong reasons, and he has not learned where to go potty. I don't really need Mom yelling every day because someone went poootttttttttyyyyyyyy in the house.
I still have not been able to push Mom in to hooking the digital camera up to my computer. The woman can be positively irritating at times. Something about lots of stuff to do. What could be more important than sharing my musings with the world?

If you have not done so, go to Meeshka's blog and sponsor my fine Husky girlfriend in the Blogathon. You'll be helping Huskykind, as well as other Northern friends. Hey, we may need them in the revolution, you never know. I snitched some money from Mom's tight little wallet - you can snitch some too. And while you are at it, check out the Harnessed to Hope site.

Assuming that our summer fun is about over - no more visiting family or baths or other such stuff, I should be able to get on to blog more often.


Shmoo said...

Girlfriend? Well, I guess since you are helping me help the Husky United Liberation Army (HULA) by helping foster huskies find homes and internet connectivity to help me take over the world... I'll let it go just this once :)


Sibe's Mom said...

Oh my! Sometimes when Mom comes in to see what's going on, I type before I think!!

My apologies, oh HULA leader.