Sunday, November 26, 2006

Back to normal

A long week here. I'm happy to have booted The Mom off the laptop to blog for a few minutes. You would not believe how much time she spends in front of this darn thing for 'school'. Well, she needs to spend more time with me, let me just say. The darn woman wouldn't even play ball with me yesterday, she spouted some stuff about how 'wet' it was out in the yard. A little mud bath wouldn't hurt her nasty dry old people fur, that's for sure.

Lots of guests on the TURKEY day. There was leftovers..... yummy turkey parts that Nana made just for me and Bandit. We've enjoyed a little nibble every dinner since then - The Mom could be a bit more generous in the turkey department. Bandit even managed to snatch something called pumpkin pie. He did mention it was mighty tasty - the old guy didn't share though. The kids were here, and I am happy to say a good time was had by all.

Particularly us, as we also managed to sneak off with a good bit of cheese before anyone noticed. I'm sure Bandit will be all eweey and yucky soon (he's allergic to cow, which means that if he eats anything cow related he gets bad fur), but that didn't stop him from helping me with the big sneak.

As I recall, after TURKEY day, they put the fake tree up and start putting a bunch of stuff in the house that we're not supposed to sniff. I ask, if I can't sniff it, how am I to approve it?

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