Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Howlidays!

Dakota here, after making sure that everyone was tucked in to bed.
It's been a long time since I've been able to blog, what with The Mom and the school thing and all of the time she spends at that work place. I've advised her to stop both of those horrid things and spend more time with me. It seems that it's the best idea all the way around. I get to blog more because she's on the computer less and I get to see her more because she's home.

So, what did everydog get for Christmas? I got a new squeeky moose, a very sharp bandana from the nice people at the humane society and one of those delectable filled bones to chew on. Did I mention that the people here had crab imperial? And that I got a perfectly yummy cracker full of crab imperial? I do love my seafood. The Mom got some thing that makes those Jimmy Buffet tunes that she likes come out. It's real small, but it sure is cool looking. She has it where I can't reach it. I told her not to worry about me, it's Bandit that chews everything.

I must admit, I am a bit sleep tonight. Waiting up for Santa is tiring, and I fell asleep before I saw him. Sigh. I would have liked another of those chew bones.

To all of my blog friends........... Happy Howlidays! May your snow be deep, your food be warm and may you have a family you can curl up with after a hard days play.


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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Dakota, lets hope that 2007 is a great year for all doggies and humans too :-)