Sunday, June 29, 2008

Read of the Week!

So, it's been a while. Someday, I may post about why it's been a while, but for now............

It's time for my Read of the Week!

I've got a great one this week. Particularly if you are, like me, a mid-Atlantic dog. Now, that means that you live in this general area. Maryland - like me and Indy. Or Delaware - I don't know that I've ever read a blog from a dog in Delaware! Hey, a new thing to try, where are you Delaware dogs? Or Virginia. Seems to me that I've read about a Virginia dog......... hmmmm...... If I could just remember........ oh well, you get the idea.

This weeks read is for ALL of you pups out there, and your owners! If you are ever in this area, might I suggest that you bring along............

Doggin' Maryland by Doug Gelbert (Illustrations by Andrew Chesworth)

This book is choc full of great places to take your humans! 100, yes 100, places to take your dog in the state of Maryland. It lists TONS of places. Some of them, in fact, the #1 place to hike with your dog, are just a few minutes from me! Catoctin Mountain Park!!! Oh, and I've been there!!! There's short trails, for those times where you just want a bit of a walk. And long trails, for a day long hike. Oh, and so much to sniff and see! Really, you must visit!

Also in the top 10 is one of The Mom's very favorite places in the world, Swallow Falls State Park! I've never been there, although I should have tagged along the last time that The Mom and Momma B went. They did take this great picture though - check it out!

This book ranks the best parks in the state. It tells you all about beach regulations for humans. It tells you how to outfit your human for hikes, and even gives you some beginner hikes. You know, those for smaller pups or humans who haven't hiked in a while.

And, this guy wrote a few more books about the best places to hike with your dog too! You must check out Amazon. com and see if there's a place close to you!

You know what? I'm so excited about this book that we're packing it up and going to go hiking!
Come on!!!


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

That does sound like a great book. We have a book that has the best places to hike with your dog in Western Washington. It's a good book and it sounds similar!


Amici said...

Sounds like a fun filled book! One came out just recently for dogs/peeps in Maine. It has a lot of good stuff in it! Happy EXPLORING!

Holly said...

Sounds like a totally beautiful place!! I sure wish we had that sort of place here. But we live in Nebraska. It's nothing but corn. It sucks.


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

If only ga$ didn't kho$t $o many of my $nakhk dollar$!

I might have to $nag it from my mom'$ AGJ fund!!


Kathryn and Ari said...

That's so great. We heard about the same book our fellow-Mainer Amici mentioned; we can't wait to get our paws on it!

Simcha said...

Hey I am from Virginia!

We actually heard of this author when my Mom found an online version of "Hiking With Your Dog in the Tidewater Virginia" He listed top 20 hikes and he was spot on about each of them.

Maybe we should get the Maryland one too.