Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Weekend

Dakota here.
After a long stretch of time where it seems everyone was sick, things seem to be calmer tonight. I'm blogging, and everyone else is watching that stupid box with the pictures on it.
The Mom did make it to that work place last week, and she worked too much, even after I took that thing on her wrist. I'm going to have to continue to help her learn doggie time. Humans can be quite difficult to train.
They can also be quite fun to watch.
The Mom got this tiny little thing that blasts music in her ears a few months ago. Since then, I've been subjected to some of the strangest things...... she walks down the halls and wiggles her rear end, she claps her hands and she smiles and sings. (She does not have to worry about joining the local Husky choir, let me tell you.) I laughed so hard at her wiggling up and down the hall today that I peed myself. Really. If she only knew.

It's practically summer here in the Catoctin Mountains. The only thing making is bearable is the lovely mud in my back yard........


Anonymous said...

Hi Dakota,

Tell Bandit that I LURVE the younger men :-)He can have my number ANYTIME :-)

Take a look at Tara's blog - there is a nice surprise over there :-)


Justin said...

hey, your Momma must have gone crazy making such strange noises!!hehehehe!!
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