Thursday, December 13, 2007

Human Intervention

I just locked The Mom in her room and took over the computer. She's addicted, addicted to.......
Everypuppy, if your humans ever woo the words ' I think I'll go back to school', watch out!!! Warning, warning, warning!!!
What it means is that you will not see them for long periods of time while they hog the laptop and woo all those nasty, awful words that you are not supposed to woo. I don't really know what 'accounting' is, but if it's anywhere near as bad as The Mom is wooing right now, I don't understand why humans would subject themselves to it!
In addition to laptop hogging, you can also expect them to lay in bed at night with big, ugly books. Not the little paper ones you can chew on, but really big, really heavy unchewable books. Oh, I suppose they are chewable, but it's so big, I'm not sure it's worth the effort.
Forget about your daily walks. All that time that you and your human were spending together will now be a fond memory as your human spends more time with 'instructors and other students' instead of you. One nice trade off here is that there are lots of new smells. And she leaves half eaten food in her school bag. Yum..........

I have reason to believe that two naps from now will be the end of school for The Mom for a while. I sure hope so. I'll be glad to have her back!

Besides, I heard Santa Paws is coming soon, and we don't have any decorations out for him! How's he supposed to leave a new bone for me?

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Holly said...

I know just how you feel! My mom went back to school too and she was so busy with work and school I felt totally abandoned. You just need to learn to sit and stare and her, and claw her. She can't ignore you then.