Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back to School

Dakota here. I'm happy to announce that there's absolutely nothing going on in my little corner of the world. The Mom is working, and she's back in school. Which means that I'm left to my own devices for far, far too long while she's got her nose stuck in a book.
We had a dear little bit of snow a few days ago......but no pictures, she was too busy.
I did the best dogball I've ever done...... but no pictures, she still can't figure out how to hook the camera to the laptop.
I had a good time chasing the cat.... but no pictures, because I'm smart enough to know that I shouldn't chase the cat and tell her!

There's also been a ton of complaining about the 'cold' weather. Cold weather?? This isn't cold. It's barely cool. Just a bit of snow and wind, and you should hear them go on and on about it. This is the time of the year that The Mom starts looking at warm places to live. I'm going to have to get those websites blocked or something. Well, maybe not blocked. I must admit to a yearning to walk a warm moonlit beach every now and then.

I was reading blogs, and I see where Mary Margaret is moving to Pennsylvania. I live just a few minutes away from Pennsylvania, and I'm hoping she will be close to me. Maybe we can visit and play? It's so boring having no girldogfriends near by.

I've decided to be more politically active this season, what with Hillary Clinton running and all. But, I think I'm voting for a man I have come to admire. A true patriot. A bachelor who won't back down from his opinions. Yep.................. I'm voting for TURBO!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Weekend

Dakota here.
After a long stretch of time where it seems everyone was sick, things seem to be calmer tonight. I'm blogging, and everyone else is watching that stupid box with the pictures on it.
The Mom did make it to that work place last week, and she worked too much, even after I took that thing on her wrist. I'm going to have to continue to help her learn doggie time. Humans can be quite difficult to train.
They can also be quite fun to watch.
The Mom got this tiny little thing that blasts music in her ears a few months ago. Since then, I've been subjected to some of the strangest things...... she walks down the halls and wiggles her rear end, she claps her hands and she smiles and sings. (She does not have to worry about joining the local Husky choir, let me tell you.) I laughed so hard at her wiggling up and down the hall today that I peed myself. Really. If she only knew.

It's practically summer here in the Catoctin Mountains. The only thing making is bearable is the lovely mud in my back yard........

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Moon, sun and tears

Dakota here. Catching up on the blogs with The Mom. We've read about Tara and Peanut and The Mom has been doing that thing with her eyes. It usually means she's sad. I told her that the pups are at the Rainbow Bridge, having a good time with all the other pups while waiting for their moms and dads to come.
I guess it could also be she's crying because of all the Kleenex she's been using. The Mom is just laying around, doing much of nothing, including playing with us. I think she's just looking to get away from that place for the day.
I can't blame her.
Meeshka's blog talks about dog time today. And I think that it's time The Mom began using dog time. I'm hiding the thing she wears on her wrist. All she does is look at it and say those naughty words anyway. If it makes her that unhappy, then I'm going to do something about it.
I'm going to put that music she likes on. That Buffett guy. And then I'm going to make the ultimate Husky sacrifice and lay with her while she sniffles and uses up every Kleenex in the house.

Dakota (respectfully writing to Mr. Buffett to change 'It's Five o'clock Somewhere' to 'It's Doggietime Somewhere)