Thursday, June 28, 2007

The dream of a lifetime

If you've read my profile, you know that I'm, well, in to that tropical vibe. Seems like I'm not the only sled dog that feels that way........
I'm (well, The Mom) is a HUGE fan of Jimmy Buffett. Check this out - the Official Jamaican Sled Dog Team!!!

'Wasted away again in Dogaritaville'!!!!!

Don't forget to check out Dogs Aye View

Good morning. I love lazy mornings surfing the blogs, seeing what the rest of my virtual pack has been up to.

Check out this LINK from the good pups over at Dogs Aye View, Gomer and Opie. What a cool idea they gave their human mom. Check it out and click the links!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

All about me

Look what I found while surfing the blogs.......

1. Age? 7 years, 9 months.
2. My age when I came to live with my people? 6 weeks. The Mom says the place I came from was run by an 'idiot'. Not sure what that is, but I suspect it's not good.
3. What color collar am I wearing right now? Black, with paw prints that reflect light.
4. My favorite person other than my people I live with? My kids. Well, The Mom's kids. They don't live with us anymore.
5. How much do I weight? 49 pounds.
6. Most expensive thing I ever chewed up? Probably the carpet. I chewed up a sofa good too, but since it was going with that man that used to live with us, The Mom assures me it doesn't count. And I got a yummy for doing it!
7. Do I like other dogs? Yes, I am a pack animal.
8. Who is my best non-human friend? Bandit. And maybe Chip.
9. Squeaky toys or tennis balls? Squeeky toys. Absolutely. I own the squeeky toy of all squeeky toys. It has 12, count 'em 12 different squeekers in it.
10. Do I like to be brushed? NO! That's my fur.
11. Peanut Butter or Cheese? The sweetest words to my ears......... "Mom's got cheese!!"
12. Do my people cut my toenails? Yup, but The Mom has to engage in a full body press to do it, and it's no fun unless I 'claw' blood!!
13. Any formal education? No. Just the school of hard knocks.
14. Couch Potato or Energizer Bunny? Depends on the time and place.
15. Five nicknames people call me? Koda Bear, KB, Miss Husky, Sweets and Sh**head. The last one is usually the loudest.
16. What is my best trick? At night after last call, when it's time to go to sleep, 'Time to go ni-night'. I trot down the hall, make a right turn and get in bed. It seems to entertain The Mom.
17. Do I like kitties? Only for breakfast or lunch.......ha ha ha......... I live with a cat. I tolerate said cat.
18. What did I have for breakfast? Iams Lamb and Rice dry food. Oh, and Honey Nut Cheerios.
19. Can I hunt and have I ever killed anything? Yes, I am an accomplished hunter. My trophies include bunnies, birds (including a Mallard Duck and duckling) and a groundhog.
20. When was the last time I went to the vet? About a year ago, and I can see my name on the big food box........
21. Where do I sleep at night? With The Mom in our bedroom. No crate for me.
22. Do I like to swim? That's the big water bowl in the back yard. I'm not getting in it.
23. Can I make puppies? Nope. Thank doG. There's too many unparented pups in the world it is.
24. My favorite place to visit? Hmmm. That would be either the back yard, or PetSmart.
25. Do I give kisses? Yup, whether they need them or not.
26. Can I potty on command? What? Why would I pee when they want me too? I pee when I want to.
27. Do I cuz? Only if Bandit is cuzzing. Then I cuz. Otherwise, who cares?
28. Do I behave when we go for a walk? I'm pretty good about it now that I've matured some. When I was a wee pup, I was a master yanker.

Hurricane The Mom

The Mom spent much time last night tearing up my office - well, her office - looking for the little cord that connects the camera to the computer. Honestly, I had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the disappearance. It's not my fault she hasn't mastered the basic skills of filing and putting things where they belong.

So, I still have no pictures to put on my blog.

We got a really cool package from SOS-SRF. The Mom is a sucker for anything with a Sibe on it, and I like helping other Sibes not as fortunate as me. Now, if I could just get her to adopt a disciple for me. I keep telling her that we could hook to the front of Big Red, and save on gas.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ao4, I need some camouflage tips!

I'm out from hiding while The Mom has gone to work. Let me tell you, I'm not that fond of this time of the year for the obvious reason - where the heck is the snow? - but there's something that the late spring, summer brings out that's even more hideous than the missing snow........

It's bath and grooming time!

The first bath of the season was about two weeks ago. The Mom lured me out of hiding with some tasty ham (Oh, Queen Meeshka, how does one perfect the mind over ham technique?), looped the bath collar on me and started lathering me up.

Then, it's nail clipping. Now, there's not a whole lot in this world that I absolutely hate, but getting my nails done - well, that's it. Once again, I was ambushed while napping! Next thing I knew, The Mom was on top of me, smothering me with her big ol' butt while she trimmed my nails. I got one or two really good claws in - including one that drew blood - but each and every nail was trimmed.

After that, it's the fur between my sensitive little toes. Now, I won't go in to too many unlady like details, but I have to have a bit of fur trimmed off my tootsies every now and then to keep from getting painful mats. But, as I said and as The Mom knows, those little toes are sensitive. That doesn't stop her from getting out the scissors and trimming away though.

Finally, when I have practically no dignity left, out comes the rake. No I don't want to be brushed. And it's not even a brush, it's a funky looking thing with teeth that digs in to my fur and takes it away. I'll be naked before long. One saving grace here - so far, it's only my left side that's been subjected to the torture. The right side is mine, and I'm protecting it at all costs!!!

Ao4, do you have any camouflage tips for your loyal trooper? How can I hide from the grooming, while coming out for the good stuff - food, water, belly rubs?

Oh! I hear the front door!

Dakota signing off.