Saturday, July 28, 2007

Additional update

Notice anything new about my blog?

Guess what The Mom finally broke down and bought?????



And me wooing to the neighbors, guess what the idiot I live with finally did! She bought a USB cable to hook the digital camera to the computer.
And no, I had absolutely nothing to do with the first missing USB cord.

The dog days of July

Hello everypup, husky, girl-girl and loyal readers.

So much has gone on the past several days, I'm not sure where to begin.

I guess I'll start with Bandit. Many days ago, he wasn't feeling well. He was napping, I was leaving him alone, then I heard him in trouble - he was having a seizure. It was Bandit's first seizure, and I felt that as a sort of expert (I've had seizures my self), I needed to be with him. Bandit's momma didn't think that was a good idea, so I got locked in The Mom's bedroom and had to listen to everything. Bandit was OK - he bonked himself in the eye with an end table and had a swollen eye for a few days - but there were no other lingering affects with the seizure. Now they have to 'watch him'. He has not had any further seizures, and he has told me that he's feeling better. His eye is better too. Not that a black Lab can have a black eye.

Oh, and Chip has gone back to his people. We had a good time while he was here, although The Mom did not get as much time to work on his manners as she had hoped. We have pictures, but after a brief bit of hope where The Mom thought she had found the cord from the camera to the computer, they are still locked in the digital camera. Hey, as I have mentioned before, I had absolutely nothing to do with the disappearance of the cord.

Then, The Mom took out the box she uses when she goes away. I was not happy about this, but she mentioned taking one of the Kids and Jacki. Jacki is this nice lady that comes once a year or so and brings us LOTS of treats, so I decided that a visit would be a good time. I was not allowed to go - some place called a hotel did not allow pets. Why they would go to this place I have no idea. So, there's pictures of that too, but you won't see them either. Now, she did bring home some shells and rocks to sniff, and this really cool redhead Sibe stuffy that is not for me. Bandit and I stayed with his momma.

Then yesterday, The Mom left again! She wasn't gone long this time, but she went to spend time with one of the Kids on their birthday! Now, I know that birthday usually means we get cake and ice cream - but none, absolutely none of that was mentioned or seen. I was not happy. They apparently went to a movie and then had ice cream at some place.

The Mom is home now, curled up with a bit of a tummy issue. Serves her right for not saving me some of the cake and ice cream.

I know that I've been tagged to do some lists and stuff. I'll give those some thought and get them posted later this weekend. I plan on hogging the computer to follow Meeshka's Blogathon. Not only do I want to support our Husky Queen, but I have an additional interest in the outcome of this one..........

As many of you heard, in addition to all the whirlwind excitement I've detailed here, The Mom found time to contact some people at Harnessed to Hope to see if she could ADOPT little Xia. I hear that our adoption application has been approved, and that if Xia's foster family doesn't adopt this sweet little girl, she may be coming to live here. While I think I'll be an excellent older sister and a spectacular Husky role model, there will be another Husky in the house. I must admit some concern about her horning in on my belly rub time. But, as an added bonus, as part of the adoption process, I'll get to meet Indy!!!! I'm very excited about meeting this handsome traveling guy. Meeshka is blogging to raise money for Harnessed to Hope, and the money will be used to pay for Xia's (and other needy northern breeds) medical expenses. Thank you, Meeshka, for your philanthropy and efforts. The Mom thanks you too!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wait until she finds out what I did!

OK, now, I didn't tell you all this, but I just signed myself and The Mom up for Hike n Howl! I expect there to be some real howling when she finds out!!! Here she comes, more later!!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

If I Could Put Time In A Bottle

My good friend MayaMarie asked me to spend some time thinking about what five things I would put in something called a time capsule.

I will admit that I had no idea what a time capsule was, so I asked The Mom. She told me that it was a container that people usually bury and then dig up many years from now to look at the stuff that was buried. Well, I don't know about looking at the stuff, but I'm all about the burying, so here goes:

1. Some music by Jimmy Buffett. I know, but I'm very fond of Buffett. I've been known to calm down and ride quietly in the car with some Buffett tunes - 'Cheeseburger In Paradise' comes to mind.

2. A stuffie Husky. So the future can see just how spectacular we are. Oh, and it has to squeak.

3. Chicken yummies. These tasty little treats are dried chicken and they are the most delectable doggie treats you can imagine.

4. My blankie. My Nana made me a blankie with yarn and a crochet needle. Every pup should have their own personal blankie. Well, maybe my Nana could make another one to put in the time capsule, because I am not ready to part with mine.

5. A picture of me and The Mom. OK, sort of sappy, I know. But I would want the people in the future to see how much I love The Mom and The Mom loves me.

I'm going to add one more thing. I know MayaMarie only asked for five, but................

6. Copies of the blogs of all my wonderful friends (like MayaMarie) so that everyone knows just how much fun we're having as Dogs With Blogs.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Other blogs

I've been reading other blogs, checking out the 'Sloganizer'. Lots of fun. Here's what the movie quote did for me:

'May the Dakota be with you'.


Catching up

What a week!

There's been a whirlwind of activity here, with lots of discussions and 'yes' and calls from 'rescue' places. I'm not quite sure what's going to come of it, but I think it has something to do with this group of folks!

You may remember Chip from last year. Well, he's back again. I can't say much for his manners, and I'm not going to be the one that tells The Mom that he is pooping in my room. Pooping in the house is something that is NOT ACCEPTABLE, according to The Mom. I don't want to get the little guy in trouble. I'm also not telling that Chip is the one who barks a lot. As a non-barking kind of dog - we Huskies woooooooo - I sort of find this, well, embarrassing. The neighbors will talk.

Bandit's skin is all funky again. I'm suggesting that he's allergic to Chip. I don't know how it will go over though. I think The Mom and Bandit's Mom are talking about not giving Bandit puppy biscuits. That would mean more for me, I think.

Oh, I was nominated by Amber and Stormy over at the Ao4 blog for a Rockin' Girl Blogger!

Thanks! You girls rock too! (Dave and Zim aren't so bad either.)

I play bow my acceptance and am surfing the blogs to find additional girls to bring on board! We girls must stick together.
And finally, the kid is home for a few days, and apparently she has some skill with the digital camera!!! I'm posing for pics as soon as I'm done here, and I'll see if I can get new ones of Bandit and maybe one of Chip. I am thinking of snitching the wire that goes from the camera to the computer too........ mine seems to be missing and I'm still not taking the blame for that one!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

All about The Mom

In response to a request from my friend MayaMarie , today's post will be an interview with The Mom. Not to be confused with that funky book The Mom tried to read once 'Interview With A Vampire' - she gave it two paws down.

Dakota - Welcome. Thanks for agreeing to answer a few questions for my blogging friends.
The Mom - Your welcome. Was that you that slopped water all over the kitchen?

D - This is my time to interview you, I won't be answering any questions.
TM - Like you would admit it if it was you.

D - OK, question number one. What did you do with the kids and why? I miss them.
TM - (sighs) Honestly Dakota. We've been through this before. But, once again, when human children get to be human adults, they are expected to leave home and make their own way in the world.

D - So you kicked them out, and if I even make a move to the front door, I get yelled at.
TM - That's correct. They are out working, making money, living in their own homes. It's every parents dream. You are a dog. You may not wander free, you need to be in a contained, safe place.

D - But it's my dream to get out, and you are suppressing it!!!
TM - That's different. It's not like you would leave the house and get a job, feed yourself and put a roof over your head. You wouldn't know what to do if you had to work for a living. Such a shame too, you are a member of a 'working breed'.

D - I shouldn't have to work, people would take care of me. I'm a HUSKY.
TM - Not everyone loves Huskies, Miss Moon. Perhaps we should find another interview topic before we get too much further.......

D - Ok, next question. Something more sedate. How old are you?
TM - Old enough to know that I'm not answering that question

D - Is it because you have to tell your age in three digits?
TM - I DO NOT!!!

D - Yes, I did the math and you are over three hundred years old.
TM - WHAT???!!! I think you may need a refresher course dog. Or perhaps an opposable thumb.

D - That was below the belt, don't you think? The opposable thumb thing.
TM - Hey, not my fault you were born a dog.

D - Lets see if we can find something more neutral to discuss. When are we moving to Alaska?
TM - Now wait a minute. A question or two ago, you were moaning about how you miss the kids, and now you want to pick up and move to Alaska? Not that it's a bad idea or anything.........

D - So there's hope?
TM - I'm not ruling anything out for us at this time.

D - Where do you go every day?
TM - Work. Someone has to pay for the dog food and the mortgage.

D- Why can't I go with you?
TM - Because they don't let dogs in to the place I work.

D - Why?
TM - Because. I don't make the rules there, I just follow them and hope the paychecks keep coming.

D - But why?
TM - (sighs again) Because someone has to pay the bills. And it's time you know that I'm looking at ................... getting you a sibling.

D - A what?
TM - Sibling. Brother or sister. Another pack mate. ANOTHER DOG?

D -
TM - Hmmmmmmmmmm. That shut you up.

D - Will you at least do me the favor of getting another Husky?
TM - Probably. For some dumb reason, I'm quite fond of picking up fur by the pound, getting up in the middle of the night to look at snow and picking up the remains of birds.

D - There you have it folks, this is what I live with. Perhaps she'll agree to sit for another interview when she's in a better mood and has gotten the idea of another Husky out of her mind.