Thursday, February 15, 2007

Welcome from the Yukoctin Mountains

We hit the weather jackpot here! About six inches of snow. At the moment, it's quite solid though, almost icy. Well, lets be honest, it's about six inches of ice at the moment. It's very odd, you can walk on top of it and not sink your paws in. Bandit is having some difficult time with his footing. As a spry and delicate Husky, I'm doing just fine. I had a nice snooze out in the sun today, and keep making sure that The Mom lets me out for my weather reporting duties.
The only real problem at this point is that we can't go down the steps from the kitchen - everyone has to go downstairs to go outside.
Apparently, The Mom is not that thrilled with having to get up at 4:30 and walk down the steps. She should be a bit more careful and perhaps turn on the light next time. Oh, she's OK, but I suspect that if I have to go out tonight I'll probably be discouraged............... good thing I don't listen to her.

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Althea said...

We got snow here in NJ. It is very hard and icy like your snow. Normally I like to run along on the snow and scoop it up in my mouth. I tried it with this snow and could get any cause it is so hard. Very disappointing.