Sunday, February 11, 2007

If I smell it, it will come

Dakota here, and I'm all about snow!

I've had my head in the wind and my ears to the Weather Channel. Snow is on the way! Tomorrow, I think, not Tuesday like they keep saying. I'm hoping for at least six good inches, enough to dig in, romp in and pretty much just do what I want in.

Of course, it's been such an odd winter that we're liable to not get any snow at all.

I must admit that there's just nothing going on here. I did see The Mom smuggle in a bag of something for the Valentine thing. I'm hoping that there's more in there than stuff for those kids she has.

Like chicken yummies. Now those would be an acceptable Valentine's present.

I've added my card for The Mom, what do you think?

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IndyPindy said...

It's SNOWING!!! It is supposed to keep going tonight and tomorrow - I hope it does! I hope my humans get to stay home tomorrow!