Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Siberian's are not water dogs

Dakota here............
To take my cue from Tubey - rain is STUPID!
It's been raining here for several days. Mom won't let us play outside for long, we can't play ball in the house, and I'm tired of laying and watching the birds just take over the yard. I brought all of this to Mom's attention, and I was told to mind myself!! Of all the nerve!
Bandit is not happy. The vet told him that he could have no more cheese, no more ice cream and no more anything to do with a cow! I don't know if this means Mom has to remove all of the cow stuff from the kitchen or not. I plan on taking that up with her tonight.
Speaking of the vet - I got very excited when Mom told me we were going bye-bye in the car last night...... until I figured out that I was going to the vet for a booster shot. Now, I love a good car ride as much as any Husky, but this going to the vet's has got to stop. I did manage to register my displeasure by stepping in some good mud and getting in to the car. Then I woke Mom up at 1 o'clock this morning to do a nightly check on the birds and made sure I got good and wet before I got back up on the bed to sleep.
So now I'm practicing at the computer, and trying very hard to check out who has signed up for the Iditerod next year.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My pack

Dakota here. A good night, mostly. Both my kids were home tonight, which makes Mom pretty happy. The older kid just came to visit me and to share her dinner with me. The other kid is here too - she came home to visit me and to share some time with me tonight.
The other kid has been sitting around a lot, with ice and water on her leg. I keep hearing something about pills and a spider bite. I tried to tell Mom that she's OK - I inspected and tasted both legs and they seem to be fine, but Mom isn't listening. She's making the kid sit and do nothing but watch TV. The kid could at least be playing with me.
Mom even came home early to be with me.
She's a good Mom. More so when she had both cheese and chicken for dinner. My belly is full, what with tasting for the older kid, tasting for the other kid, tasting for Momma Bev and making sure Mom shared her's too. She shares almost everything with me - except those round colored candies she's fond of.
So I did some online research on spider bites - the experts concur with me, the other kid will be fine. I hope Mom goes night-night soon - all of this visiting and stuff has tired me out.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Sibe way or the highway

Mom has left for work, so I thought I'd sneak on and say hi to everyone.
It's been very hot here, way too hot for a Husky, so we've been laying around a lot. Last night, we played outside, but only for a few minutes. There has been no time to track the rabbit, the birds aren't in the yard and Mom hasn't even opened up the house in the back yard and pulled that loud thing out that she takes all over the yard.
I don't like summer. I don't like the heat and I am tired of being cooped up inside. Even with the cold air from the floor, I'm hot.
And Mom keeps using the b-a-t-h word.
I think it's time to make sure I get her attention and woo her out about that b-a-t-h thing. That involves the hose and her telling me how nice I smell. Rabbits don't smell like flowers, why should I?

PS - Bandit needs to smell like flowers too Mom.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Happy Meal!

Dakota again -
To make yesterday truly wonderful, Mom came home with a Happy Meal at lunch time! For those who don't know about Happy Meals, they are these box things that come from a place Mom calls 'McDonald's'. They are full of FRIES! Mom always shares her fries with us, so these are big favorites with this Husky.
There's also something in it Mom calls a toy. Yesterday's toy was this little thing that scooted across the kitchen floor and followed me and Bandit. I put a stop to it by slapping a paw on it when it came near me. It didn't come near me again. I'll be checking the kitchen out while Mom is at work today, making sure it does not come back.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Peace and quiet

Dakota here. After many weeks of furniture moving, painting, boxes going, boxes coming (you can't imagine all the time we had to put in checking things out), it looks like Mom has settled down and we finally had a normal evening. We played outside, we pestered Mom while she was trying to read her book and drink a beer. Then we moved inside to have dinner and play for a while.
I even left the cat be for the evening, I was so happy to be back to normal.
Mom is off to work today, and Bandit and I are going to nap. Then maybe woo at the rabbit living under the shed.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Long time, no blog

We found the computer again.
After weeks of redecorating, getting 2/3 of the carpet laid (don't ask), painting the kitchen - almost complete and a ton of other chores and stuff, we found the computer again. Dakota is laying beside me, almost asleep. She's recovering from last night's visit to the v-e-t-s for her annual visit to the spa. A couple of boosters later, and she's ready for anything.
I wish I was.
The vet hit me last night with the announcement that Dakota is now considered a 'senior dog'. Now, she's not quite 7. And I had heard that 7 was the year where dogs became 'seniors'. But I had not heard that 'senior dogs' should have blood work done every six months to check on thyroid and liver functions. I'm a bit skeptical about that. Just like I was a bit skeptical a while back where the temp vet (who was filling in for my usual vet while she was on maternity leave) told me that Bandit's yeast infected ears would be cured if I had his anal glands removed.
You ask me, this guy was way too interested in Bandit's a$$.
But, as I am not a vet and just the Sibe's mom, I'm going to research all of the above and make an educated decision.
After all, she's the only Sibe I have.