Sunday, July 30, 2006

Lazy days and sun-days

Dakota here, reporting that at 9AM this morning, it was too hot to go outside. I've done what I needed to do, and I'm getting ready to lay on the vent in the cool, dark back room. Really, who's idea was all this heat anyway?

I'm not 100% sure, but I thought that I heard that one of the kids was coming over to visit me today. I guess that means that I'll have to rouse myself for a few moments, and act like I'm thrilled to see the kid while I check to see if she brought me anything.

Then it's back to sleep for me.

Does anyone know when the first snowfall of the year is scheduled to take place? A few years ago, Mom and Momma Bev took a trip (WITHOUT US) to a place called Deep Creek Lake in October. They took pictures of snow, it apparently snowed for a few hours there. October is a long, long way away at this point.


I'm outta here to dream of snow.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Goodbye, Mr. Chips!

Dakota - finally with some time to blog.
Chip went back home with his parents. While I enjoyed having my younger cousin, and teaching him the Husky way, I was somewhat releived to see him go. He's very vocal for all the wrong reasons, and he has not learned where to go potty. I don't really need Mom yelling every day because someone went poootttttttttyyyyyyyy in the house.
I still have not been able to push Mom in to hooking the digital camera up to my computer. The woman can be positively irritating at times. Something about lots of stuff to do. What could be more important than sharing my musings with the world?

If you have not done so, go to Meeshka's blog and sponsor my fine Husky girlfriend in the Blogathon. You'll be helping Huskykind, as well as other Northern friends. Hey, we may need them in the revolution, you never know. I snitched some money from Mom's tight little wallet - you can snitch some too. And while you are at it, check out the Harnessed to Hope site.

Assuming that our summer fun is about over - no more visiting family or baths or other such stuff, I should be able to get on to blog more often.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Chip the Cocker Spaniel

Dakota reporting from the front line........
Chip has been here a bit over a week now. He seems OK for a small guy. We spend a lot of time trying to teach him that I am the boss, that all toys are mine and that I am first for doggie love, puppy biscuits and time on Mom's lap. He is not a quick learner.
Bandit has confided in me that he does not like Chip - I think it's because Chip has a crush on me and Bandit thinks he is my number one man.
Little do they both know that I am an independent lady! No men for me, I'm foot loose and fancy free.

As soon as Mom gets off her butt and fixes the digital hook up, I'll post a picture of Chip. He has scoped out a favorite spot in the house - on top of the blanket chest in front of the windows. Since that's not my number one spot, I guess I can be gracious and let him stay there while he's visiting. I think his mom and dad are due back soon though.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Outdoor activities

Dakota here, posting from the deck, as I am currently not allowed inside. I understand all great writers, Hemmingway, Stein, some dude called Gardner, all wrote using the great outdoors as their muse. Me, I'm just out by default. According to Mom, who was yelling very loudly a few weeks ago about all of this, the new carpet is being installed again.
Same two guys we sniffed out last time. New carpet though.
At any rate, the new carpet is just in time for us to welcome my cousin Chip for a few weeks.
Chip is a Cocker Spaniel, and he will be staying with us while his family goes somewhere. I'm not sure why Chip has to stay here, and I hope it does not take him long to realize that this is a Husky house and I am top dog.
I'll post a picture for my Husky friends to see as soon as I can. Right now, it's back to lounging on the deck - Mom put out the big shade thing and lots of water for us - until we can get in for the final carpet approval.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Catching up

I see Dakota has been entertaining our loyal fans while I've been busy. Note to self - cruising the counters? I don't think so, young lady.

So, I'm at work. Because I have to be, that's why. And I get to come in on the fourth too. It happens, and I guess I am just going to have to deal with it. But, corporateamerica gets old. Very old.

Not much to discuss today. Dakota has been keeping you pretty well informed.

And there's a mess here.